William R. Wofford

I was at Kelly with the 65th as a Forward Observer from the 58th Field Artillery in support of the mission. Later in Oct. I was with them on Jackson Heights — those men were heroic — they served with honor and should have been recognized as such rather than the treatment they received. I first met Carlos Betances at Kelly — what a gentleman and a fine officer — I was with Capt Jackson on Jackson Heights and met Capt Cronkhite as he came up the hill. Everyone did their best to defend a useless outpost and sadly some gave their all — In recent years I corresponded with Bart Soto in his research — the film couldn’t be more accurate except for some of the ugly politics that was best to leave out. You made the point — the men of the 65th were a brave group of fighters and history has been recorded through your film. I wish the network stations would carry this film so everyone could honor the Borinqueneers ……………

My thanks to you and all that participated in researching and producing this film.

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