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  • November 2023 Newsletter - #52
    In the November 2023 Newsletter:
    • Fort Hood Renamed in Honor of Gen. Richard Cavazos
    • Other News!
    • Athletes Who Have Brought Honor to the 65th Inf. Regt.
    • Events Photos including Book Signings, Book Awards and the American Library Association Conference
    • In Memoriam… SSG Victor M. Santiago-Rios (Ret.), Juan Carrión-Febré, Daniel Soto-Figueroa, Heriberto de Jesús-Toro, Manuel Valentín-Fre and George Bjotvedt, V.M.D.
    • Borinqueneer Photos
    • Christmas Sale!
  • May 2023 Newsletter - #51
    In the May 2023 Newsletter:
    • Book Signings, Interviews, Reviews, Sales and Awards!!
    • Other News!
    • Claiming a Puerto Rican World War I Hero
    • Events Photos including Book Signings, BCGM Awards to Aureliano Vázquez and Fernando Santana-Martínez
    • In Memoriam… 1st SGT James Arnold Browning (Ret.), SSG Miguel A. Berlingeri (Ret.), Hector Maisonave, Julio C. Lugo-Ramírez, Pablo Reyes-Rivera
    • The Borinqueneers Visual Book – Available at These Bookstores
    • Borinqueneer Photos
    • Book Reviews
  • September 2022 Newsletter - #50
    In the November 2022 Newsletter:
    • Introducing our new book:  The Borinqueneers, A Visual History of the 65th Infantry Regiment
    • Letters to the Editor:  by Capt. John A. Palese, MD (Ret.) and SFC Hector Martinez (Ret.)
    • In Memoriam… Sixto G. Mercado-Valle, Socrates Guzman-Rivera, SSG Leonides Diaz (Ret.), Narciso Villot-Trujillo, Israel Irizarry-Rodriguez, Jose A. Valencia-Figueroa, Jose G. Pickard, SSG Raimuno Lamboy (Ret.), Raul Reyes-Castañeira, CSM Guillermo Lanzo (Ret.)
    • Christmas Sale begins October 1st
    • Events Photos including Korean War Veterans Memorial Wall of Remembrance
    • Borinqueneer Photos
    • Book Signing Events 
  • May 2022 Newsletter - #49

    May 2022 Newsletter – #49 (915 KB)

    In the May 2022 Newsletter:

    • Borinqueneers License Plates Approved in Texas
    • Celebrating the Centennial of the Puerto Rico Army Reserve by Sgt. Katherine Ramos and Noemi Figueroa Soulet 
    • In Memoriam… Luis A. Reyes, SFC Wistremundo Dones (Ret.), Alberto Laureano, Sixto Sepulveda, Angel L. Rivera, Ruben Mendez-Goytia, Roberto Vazquez, CSM Cristobal Melendez-Claudio (Ret.), SFC Juan Ayala-Mariani (Ret.), Miguel Martir-Lopez and Manuel Diaz-Rivas.
    • Albie Anibal Albertorio Passes Away
    • Coming Soon!  A Photography Book on the History of the 65th
    • Events Photos
    • Borinqueneer Photos
  • November 2021 Newsletter – #48

    November 2021 Newsletter – #48 (782KB)

    In the November 2021 Newsletter:

    • Borinqueneers Park in Perth Amboy, NJ
    • The 65th Infantry at Outpost Harry by LTC Baltazar Soto, USAR Ret.
    • In Memoriam… COL Agustin Muñoz (USAR, Ret.), MSG Cruz Cartagena (Ret.), LTC Donald B. Carmichael (Ret.), Ulises Barreto-Gonzalez, CW2 Daniel Calderon-Ayala (Ret.), Eugenio Quevedo, Edwin Duran-Gonzalez, Eusebio Santiago, Edwin Aviles, MSG Jose E. Colon (Ret.), Juan O’Neill
    • 37 Minutes with Quevedo
    • Christmas Merchandise Sale until January 5, 2022
    • Events Photos
    • Borinqueneer Photos
  • May 2021 Newsletter - #47

    May 2021 Newsletter – #47 (725KB)

    In the May 2021 Newsletter:

    • April 13th – National Borinqueneer Day
    • My Memories and Recollections by Carlos Santiago-Trossi
    • Virtual Presentations and Screenings
    • In Memoriam… Pedro Jackson-Morales, Myles Geer, Felix R. Soto-Luna, David Reyes-Morales,  SFC Juan Feliciano-Rodriguez (Ret.),  Miguel A. Hernandez-Colon, Juan Vazquez-Soto, Diego Figueroa-Reyes, Delcio-Rivera-Rosario, Guillermo Frau-Rullan, SFC Wistremundo Dones (Ret.), Ramon Flores-Mercado, Harold Channer, Francisco J. Norat, CSM Orlando Hernandez-Lopez (Ret., USAR)
    • Events Photos
    • Borinqueneer Photos
  • November 2020 Newsletter - #46

    November 2020 Newsletter – #46 (773KB)

    In the November 2020 Newsletter:

    • The 65th Association Clubhouse Updated
    • The Lost Borinqueneers of Vietnam
    • New 2020 Issue of the Borinqueneers Photo Directory
    • In Memoriam… Tito Soto-Mercado, Kenneth E. Darnell, Pedro L. Vega-Gaston, Miguel A. Calderon-Ramos, William Feliciano-Ruiz, Jose Velazquez-Madera, COL Harry H. Clark, Americo Sanchez-Ortiz, SSG Luis A. Sepulveda-Ortiz and Juan Figueroa-Nazario  
    • Events Photos
    • Borinqueneer Photos
    • Christmas Sale until Jan. 9, 2021!!
  • May 2020 Newsletter - #45

    May 2020 Newsletter – #45 (715kb)

    In the May 2020 Newsletter:

    • The New Borinqueneers Gate at Fort Buchanan
    • Latest news – Fundraising Goal Reached for 65th Inf. Assoc. Repairs; More Guardian Angels, More BCGM Ceremonies, Donation from the Veterans Club of Solivita, Korean Ambassador for Peace Medal, 65th Inf. T-shirts to be Discontinued
    • The Inaugural Parade Praise for Porto Ricans originally published by the New York Times in 1901
    • In Memoriam… Alfredo Jiménez-Báez, SGT Ramón Torres-Villafañe, CW4 Osvaldo Alvarado, 1ST Fernando Rodríguez-Borges, SFC Gonzalo Tapia-Falú, SGT Juan Gualberto Acevedo, CSM Asunción Candelario; TSgt Emilio Castro-Rivera, Jose Otero-González, SSG Juan Santini-Martínez, SFC William Van Derdys, José Angel Pérez-Rodríguez, Guillermo Rolón-Ortiz, Santiago Benigno Franceschini, José A. Santos-Rolón  
    • Events Photos
    • Borinqueneer Photos
  • November 2019 Newsletter - #44

    November 2019 Newsletter – #44 (900KB)

    In the November 2019 Newsletter: 

    • Requesting Donations for 65th Infantry Assoc. Clubhouse
    • Presumed Dead by CW4 Jose I. Mercado
    • In Memoriam… SSG Felix Miscalichi (Ret.), Leonardo Justiniano Rivera, Alford Rodriguez-Rivera, SFC Warren Torres-Toro (Ret.), Manuel San Miguel-Griffo, William Vega-Cordero, Ramon Valentin-Mendez
    • Borinqueneers Celebrating 100 Years!  (SSG Juan Santini-Martinez (Ret.), MSG Jose E. Colon (Ret.) and Alberto Laureano Gonzalez
    • Korea Revisit Program Ends
    • Events Photos
    • Borinqueneer Photos
    • Christmas Sale
  • May 2019 Newsletter - #43

    May 2019 Newsletter – #43 (780kb)

    In the May 2019 Newsletter:

    • Updated Website
    • Popular New Item!  Congressional Gold Medal Chain
    • Crossing the Hantan River written by Maj. Johnnie L. Bohannon  (Ret.)
    • Borinqueneers! poem written by CSM José Luis Silva Díaz (Ret.)
    • In Memoriam… Héctor Luis Borges, Samuel D. Pagán Ayala, Luis R. Centeno, COL Walter McCostlin (Ret.) 
    • Letters to the Editor
    • Events Photos
    • Borinqueneer Photos
  • November 2018 Newsletter - #42

    November 2018 Newsletter – #42 (993 KB)

    In this issue:

    • Borinqueneers Post Office Building in Kissimmee
    • The Puerto Rican Charity written by Antonio E. Padrón
    • In Memoriam… SFC Restituto Oyola-Alvarez (Ret.), Félix Cardona-Quiñones, Col. Duquesne “Duke” Wolf (Ret.), Felio Sánchez-Agosto, SSG Vidal Cordero-Burgos (Ret.), SFC Jack P. Tolbert (Ret.), Col. Winfred G. Skelton, Jr. (Ret.), LTC John D. Gagin (Ret.), Luis Rodríguez-Rodríguez, CSM Héctor M. Pérez (Ret.), SSG Angel Luis Cruz-Gerena (Ret.)
    • Letters to the Editor
    • Events Photos
    • Borinqueneer Photos
    • Christmas Sale!
  • May 2018 Newsletter - #41

    May 2018 Newsletter – #41 (727 KB)

    In this issue:

    • Monuments, Honors & More!
    • A Hillbilly Travels to Korea, 1951 written by Guillermo Fraú Rullán
    • In Memoriam… Gen. Richard Cavazos (Ret.), SFC Angel Matos-Torres (Ret.), Felipe Torres-Rivera, Raymond A. Muñoz, Florencio E. Lorenzo, Leonardo Zeno-Figueroa, Carlos Josue Gonzalez-Mercado, Sabino del Valle, Jose M. Leon-Camacho, Martin Troche, CSM Ferdinand Ramos-Mercado (Ret.), LTC John D. Gagin (Ret.), SFC Efrain Sierra-Rivera (Ret.), Ernesto Otero-Rivera.
    • Events Photos
    • Borinqueneer Photos
  • November 2017 Newsletter - #40

    November 2017 Newsletter – #40 (1.23 MB)

    In this issue:

    • Revisiting Korea
    • Hurricane Maria
    • Thanks to our Volunteer Translators
    • Event Photos – Korea
    • The Language Barrier by LTC George E. Armstrong (Ret.)
    • Upcoming Presentations
    • In Memoriam… SSG Samuel Pagan (Ret.), SGM Francisco Alicea Rivera (Ret.), Pedro R. Perez, Pablo Roberto Burgos, Carlos M. Rivera, LTC Miguel Angel Mejia (Ret.), SSG Rafael Rodriguez Rivera (Ret.)
    • Borinqueneer Photos
    • Christmas Sale
  • June 2017 Newsletter – #39

    June 2017 Newsletter – #39 (1.17 MB)

    In this issue:

    • Tenth Anniversary of the DVD
    • New Address
    • Volunteer Translators
    • Past Presentations
    • Events Photos
    • Letters from the Front Lines
    • Home from the War by Ralph Oliver
    • Puerto Rican Veterans Visit Korea
    • Returning to Korea This September
    • In Memoriam… COL John Palese, MD (Ret., ARNG), SFC Marcos Rodriguez Lebron (Ret.), Domingo Morales Calderon, Francisco Camacho Ledesma, Luis Rodriguez
    • Designer of the Borinqueneers Congressional Gold Medal Wins the 2017 International Design Award
    • Borinqueneer Photos
  • November 2016 Newsletter – #38

    November 2016 Newsletter – #38 (1.61 MB)

    In this issue:

      • A Day of Celebration!  (Congressional Gold Medal Ceremony)
      • Korea Revisit Program
      • Event Photos
      • Puerto Ricans of the 65th Infantry in the Maritime Alps by Jean-Loup Gassend
      • In Memoriam – COL Gerald Wilcomb, Vicente Estrada Ortiz, Raul Aldarondo Galvan, SSG Armando Torres, SGT Felix Torres Burgos, SFC Milton Canting Rovira, SFC Francisco Riestra Lopez, SGT Manuel Jimenez Morales, MAJ Ceferino Declet, Charles D. Cabaniss, Juan Gonzalez Morales, SSG Rafael Gonzalez Miranda, Noe Irizarry Padilla, Abisai Gonzalez Camacho, Luis M. Delgado
      • Borinqueneer Photos
      • New, Bigger and Better – 2017 Borinqueneers Photo Directory and Christmas Sale
  • April 2016 Newsletter – #37

    April 2016 Newsletter – #37 (1.12 MB)

    In this issue:

    • Medal Unveiling Ceremony Scheduled for April 13, 2016
    • Don’t Have Proof of Your 65th Service?
    • Henry Barracks Miliary Reservation:  The Evolution of a Military Facility to Public Lands  by James J. Prewitt Diaz, MA, MS and Joseph O. Prewitt Diaz, Ph
    • Event Photos
    • In Memoriam – MSG Reginald Bayona-Sanderson, MSG Jose Hernandez-Soto, SSG Jose A. Lamboglia-Alvarez, SFC Pascual Melendez-Lopez, Efrain Rosado-Pagan, Felix A. Rosado, MSG Edison Reyes-Matos, SSG Harry Rosario, Ramon Vera-Serrano, MSG Francisco Clemente Torregrosa and Felipe Aponte-Colon
    • Borinqueneer Photos
    • Thank you for making our Puerto Rico trip a success!
  • November 2015 Newsletter – #36

    November 2015 Newsletter – #36 (1.51 KB)

    In this issue:

    • BCG Medal Design Selected
    • Interviews of Korean War Veterans in Puerto Rico (Feb. 10-17, 2016)
    • Event Photos
    • NEW – Borinqueneers Photo Directory
    • In Memoriam – SFC Julian Colon, Manuel Norat, Harry J. Sternburg, Angel M. Santana, Gerardo Alverio, Dr. Hector P. Gutierrez, Antonio Ramos Oyola, Ramon Aponte Guzman, Dr. Enrique “Coco” Vicens, Pedro Marti Arguinzoni, 1SG Julio Ortiz Correa, Alcides Rivera Velez, Angel M. Loyola Figuera, Juan B. Melendez, Andres Medina Figueroa, Jose “Pepe” Rivera Colon, Cristobal Rivera Malave and Francisco Oliveras Padilla
    • Borinqueneer Photos – 65th Infantry Regimental Commanders and others
    • Upcoming Events
    • Christmas Sale until January 9, 2016
  • May 2015 Newsletter – #35

    May 2015 Newsletter – #35 (3.89 MB)

    In this issue:

    • American Veterans Center Awards Honor The 65th
    • American Legion Conference in Puerto Rico – June 5-7
    • Congressional Gold Medal Update
    • Have You Sent us Your Service Information?
    • Proposed Honors for the 65th in Connecticut
    • Merchandise for Sale at El Morro and Fort San Cristobal
    • Puerto Rico TV Broadcast
    • Event Photos
    • In Memoriam – SFC German Bravo, SFC Jesus Asencio Vazquez, SSG Jose Rodriguez Velazquez, Jose Vientos Velez, David Nazario Segarra, SMsgt Louis Ramirez Pabon, 1SGT Luis Figueroa Rivera
    • Borinqueneer Letters
    • Return to Jackson Heights by COL Bob Carmichael (Ret.)
    • Borinqueneer Photos – 65th Infantry Regimental Commanders and others
  • November 2014 Newsletter – #34

    November 2014 Newsletter – #34 (2.23 MB)

    In this issue:

    • News from the Editor –  Congressional Gold Medal Enacted into Law!
    • Send Your 65th Infantry Census Form!
    • Nov. 8, 2014 – American Veterans Center Honors the Borinqueneers
    • Puerto Rico TV Broadcasts Film
    • Hidden Treasures in Puerto Rico
    • Event Photos
    • In Memoriam… Felipe Ramos, Solfi Colón Rivera, MSG Ramón Figueroa Delgado (Ret.), Felix Rosado Melendez, Salvador Romero Rivera, Roberto Hernández, SSG Leonardo Martinez (Ret.), Nicolás Jiménez, SFC Juan A. Castillo (Ret.), David Ortiz Angleró-Spanish Narrator
    • Borinqueneer Letters
    • Borinqueneer Photos – 65th Infantry Regimental Commanders and others
  • May 2014 Newsletter – #33

    May 2014 Newsletter – #33 (1.48 MB)

    In this issue:

    • News from the Editor – Medal of Honor Awarded to 4 Puerto Ricans
    • Profiles of 4 Medal of Honor Recipients – MSG Juan E. Negron, Pvt Demensio Rivera, Pvt Miguel A. Vera, SSG Felix M. Conde Falcon
    • Congressional Gold Medal Update
    • Borinqueneers Stamp Update
    • A Legacy of Service – article by Noemi Figueroa Soulet
    • In Memoriam… SFC Carlos M. Ruiz (Ret.), SFC Alberto Lugo (Ret.), SFC Jaime Henriquez Pabon (Ret.), Carlos M. Bonilla
    • New York’s Puerto Rican Day Parade Honors The 65th
    • Borinqueneer Photos – 65th Infantry Regimental Commanders and others
  • November 2013 Newsletter – #32

    November 2013 Newsletter – #32 (1.86 MB)

    In this issue:

    • More Tributes for the 65th
    • Hispanic Heritage Celebrations
    • Christmas Merchandise Sale
    • A Message from Afghanistan
    • Borinqueneer Profiled on PBS Series “The Latino Americans”
    • Congressional Gold Medal Update
    • Events Photos
    • In Memoriam… SSG Antonio Gomez Mendoza (Ret.), Felix Rosado Melendez, Angel M. Rivera Ortiz
    • Upcoming Events
    • Borinqueneer Photos
  • May 2013 Newsletter – #31

    May 2013 Newsletter – #31 (1 MB)

    In this issue:

    • More Tributes for the 65th
    • Upcoming Presentations
    • News about the Congressional Gold Medal Initiative
    • Information Needed About our 65th Infantry Veterans
    • A Band of Brothers – Puerto Rican brothers who have served
    • Pentagon Channel Broadcasts
    • In Memoriam… Eugenio Martinez Matos, Luis E. Lugo, LTC Walter P. Lukens, LTC Agustin Adan Ramirez, Luis Ramos
    • Borinqueneer Photos
  • November 2012 Newsletter – #30

    November 2012 Newsletter – #30 (1.94 MB)

    In this issue:

    • News from the Editor – Screenings at Casa de America, GI Film Festival, San Juan Tributes, Rochester Latino Film Festival, Buffalo Int’l Film Festival, Int’l Puerto Rican Heritage Film Festival, Festival Int’l de Nuevo Cine Latinoamericano and the adoption of a NY State Legislative Resolution.
    • 65th Infantry Regiment and the Congressional Gold Medal – creation of the Borinqueneers CGM Alliance to obtain the Congressional Gold Medal for the 65th Infantry Regiment.  65th Census Form attached at end of the newsletter.
    • A Story Worth Telling and Remembering – article by Col. Agustin Muñoz, MD
    • New York State Resolution Passed
    • SFC Marcos Melendez (Ret.) Interviewed for PBS Series
    • In Memoriam… MAJ GEN Charles Cuprill Oppenheimer (Ret., NG), Hector Aleman Cuadro, MSG Carlos Cordova (Ret.), Victor Caban, Igrail Morales Gonzalez, Luis Guillermo Acosta, MSG Matias Rodriguez, CW2 Jose B. Saez (Ret.)
    • The Pentagon Channel Broadcasts “The Borinqueneers”
    • Borinqueneer Photos
  • May 2012 Newsletter – #29

    May 2012 Newsletter – #29 (2.39 MB)

    In this issue:

    • News from the Editor – Lancaster Latino Film Festival, Update on the Cartagena Medal of Honor Campaign
    • Military Vehicle Preservation Foundation of Puerto Rico
    • Military Still Awaits Remains of Missing Soldier – Pvt. Tomás Martinez Candelario
    • Korean War Missing in Action Update
    • Upcoming Presentations – Casa de America (Madrid), GI Film Festival (Washington, DC), Multicultural Music Group (Bronx, NY)
    • Belated Recognition – MSG Andres Vergara (Ret.), Andres Medina
    • Service Academy Super-Reunion
    • In Memoriam… SSG Gil R. Lopez (Ret.), SGM Antonio Lopez Aponte (Ret.), MSG Venancio de Jesus (Ret.)
    • Borinqueneers Stamp Campaign Update
    • PBS Series Seeks Puerto Rican WWII Veterans
    • Borinqueneer Photos
  • November 2011 Newsletter – #28

    November 2011 Newsletter – #28 (1.47 MB)

    In this issue:

    • A Movement to Get a Medal of Honor for SFC Modesto Cartagena
    • Letters to the Editor– Felipe Aponte Colon and Scott Porterfield
    • Stolen Valor– Cpl. Fabian Nieves Laguer (DSC recipient)
    • In Memoriam… Col. Juan Flores Sanchez (Ret., ARNG), Brig. Gen. Antonio Rodriguez Baliñas (Ret., US Army Reserve), SSG José Mercado Pacheco (Ret.), Efrain Santiago
    • Borinqueneer Photos
  • May 2011 Newsletter – #27

    May 2011 Newsletter – #27 (1.05 MB)

    In this issue:

    • 65th Infantry Veteran’s Park Unveiled in Florida
    • Article Part 2 – More Truths about Jackson Heights (written by Noemi Figueroa Soulet)
    • In Memoriam… Col. Kenneth D. Hapgood (Ret., USAR), Harry C. Van Zandt, SFC Celio Freytes (Ret.), SGT Emilio Pagan Gines, Abdon Acevedo, SSG Gil R. Lopez (Ret.)
    • Stamp Campaign Update – Senate of Puerto Rico Resolution and Letter of Support from Congressman Bill Posey (15th Congressional District of Florida)
    • Borinqueneer Photos
  • November 2010 Newsletter – #26

    November 2010 Newsletter – #26 (1.07 MB)

    In this issue:

    • State Resolutions Support the Stamp Campaign
    • Article – More Truths about Jackson Heights (written by Noemi Figueroa Soulet)
    • Modesto Cartagena Commemorative Patch
    • In Memoriam… Col. Walter Clark, Jose Negron Torres, Guillermo Alamo, Moises Rivera Gonzalez, Miguel Orengo, CSM Jose Amalbert
    • Letters to the Editor – from Luis R. Ramos
    • New Merchandise – Corea/Vietnam:  Dos Guerras Que Quise Olvidar (paperback), products
    • Borinqueneer Photos
  • May 2010 Newsletter – #25

    May 2010 Newsletter – #25 (1.27 MB)

    In this issue:

    • The Borinqueneers Stamp Campaign
    • Article – Jackson Heights, Korea, 28 October 1952 (Written by LTC Bart Soto (Ret.))
    • Hispanic Heritage Stamp Series
    • In Memoriam… SFC Modesto Cartagena, Jaime Lopez, Cristobal Maymi Borras
    • Teaching Students About Racism and Prejudice Using the Borinqueneers Study Guide(written by Roberto Fernández, Social Studies Teacher)
    • May 8, 2010 Puerto Rico Monument Fundraiser sponsored by the Borinqueneers Motorcycle Club of PA
    • New Merchandise
    • Borinqueneer Photos
  • November 2009 Newsletter – #24

    November 2009 Newsletter – #24 (2.35 MB)

    In this issue:

    • A Prosperous Year
    • Today’s Borinqueneers in the Horn of Africa
    • Letters to the Editor by 1SG Fernando Rodriguez-Borges
    • Activities – Photos
    • Florida Honors the Borinqueneers
    • In Memoriam…SGT Anselmo Figueroa (Ret.),Gilberto Soulet
    • New Merchandise and new custom products at www.borinqueneers/shop
    • Borinqueneer Photos
    • Petition Form for a U.S. Stamp of THE BORINQUENEERS
  • April 2009 Newsletter – #23

    April 2009 Newsletter – #23 (1.24 MB)

    In this issue:

    • More Honors
    • Borinqueneers Motorcycle Club
    • Mailed Newsletters
    • Have You Purchased Yours?
    • Response by Harry Van Zandt regarding 65th Medals 
    • Nationwide Events – Photos
    • In Memoriam…LTC George D. Jackson (Ret.), Col. Gilberto Gonzalez Julia (Ret.), LTC Angel Escribano Aponte (Ret.), Ramón S. Velez, Marcelino Cruz-Rodríguez
    • Borinqueneer Photos
    • Upcoming Screenings
  • September 2008 Newsletter – #22

    September 2008 Newsletter – #22 (1.54MG)

    In this issue:

    • Honors & Awards
    • Website Improvements
    • New DVD Price – $29.99!
    • What Can You Do?
    • The 65th Infantry Regiment in Korea: Where Did All the Medals Go? Written by Colonel Gilberto Villahermosa
    • Screenings and Events – Photos
    • Puerto Rico Screenings – Photos
    • In Memoriam…LTC Tomás Guffain (Ret.), Jesús Nieves Crespo, Carmelo Acevedo, Santiago Montalvo Montalvo, William Marquez, SSGT Antonio Santos Carrucini (Ret.)
    • Upcoming Screenings
    • 65th Veteran:  Are You on Our List?
    • Borinqueneer Photos
  • November 2007 Newsletter – #21

    November 2007 Newsletter – #21 (2.02 MB)

    In this issue:

    • Presenting THE BORINQUENEERS in Puerto Rico
    • More Website Changes
    • EDUCATORS:  The Study Guide Has Arrived
    • Resolution 443 Passed
    • News & Screening Events with Photos
    • In Memoriam… Carlos Ruíz Gaudín, LTC Romeo “Rick” Bucknell (Ret.), Jose Eugenio Rivera Acevedo, Miguel Angel Seda
    • Accolades
    • Borinqueneer Photos
  • May 2007 Newsletter – #20

    May 2007 Newsletter – #20 (972 KB)

    In this issue:

    • Public Television Broadcast
    • Upcoming Screenings
    • Our NEW Spanish Narrator – David Ortiz Anglero
    • Our Re-Designed Website –
    • A Teacher’s Guide Coming Soon!
    • The Cinema Guild – Our New Educational Distributor
    • In Memoriam… – SFC José Escribano, Sr. (Ret.) and CSM Jose “Pepe” Figueroa-Casos (Ret.)
    • Korean War Memorial of Central Massachusetts
    • Our Last & Final Roll Call – list of recent donors
    • More Casualties – Let us Remember Them…
    • DVD Pre-Sale Offer – $29.99 Order by July 1st
  • December 2006 Newsletter – #19
  • December 2005 Newsletter – #18
  • August 2005 Newsletter – #17
  • April 2005 Newsletter – #16
  • December 2004 Newsletter – #15
  • August 2004 Newsletter – #14
  • April 2004 Newsletter – #13
  • December 2003 Newsletter – #12
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