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    THE BORINQUENEERS documentary film has been selected to participate in a Retrospective profiling the best films of the past 10 years at 11th Annual Latino & Native American Film Festival.  Our film was an Official Selection in 2016.  It can be screened online on April 22nd for 24 hours at  

    Latino & Native American Film Festival (LANAFF) is once again honored to showcase ground-breaking feature films, documentaries, shorts, animations, and other artistic manifestations by or about Latinos and Native Americans.

    With so many stereotypes stilting Latinos and Native Americans in this country, it’s our mission to promote these two cultures for a better understanding of perceptions and realities.

    Our collaboration with Southern Connecticut State University is focused on encouraging the recruitment and retention of Latino & Native American students toward furthering their education at the university level.

    LANAFF has helped familiarize the university’s, public school’s, and Greater New Haven diverse communities with excellent artistic and entertainment film projects being created by contemporary Latinos and Native Americans filmmakers. This festival is free and open to the public.

    On May 31, 2021, LANAFF awarded THE BORINQUENEERS to be “Among the Best: 1st 10 Years” (Entre las Mejores de Nuestros Primeros 10 Años). LANAFF wrote: “Congratulations to each of you for your diligence, artistry, technological know-how, and dedication to telling our stories, as Latinas/Latinos and Native Americans, in such a wide variety of formats and creative styles.”


    ENCORE PRESENTATION!!  Due to the success of our 2019 private presentation of the film THE BORINQUENEERS at the Solivita Retirement Community in Kissimmee, Florida, there will be ZOOM virtual presentation on Thursday, March 18, 2020 from 1-2pm.  There will be special invited Borinqueneer guests who will participate in the question-and-answer session following the screening of the film and an archival photo exhibit.   Solivita residents who RSVP will be sent a passcode to watch the one-hour documentary online on Vimeo at their leisure on Wednesday, March 17th.  The event will be moderated by Herman Velez, member of the Veterans Club of Solivita. 

    This event is not open to the public.  



    In honor of Veteran’s Day, the New York Power Authority has scheduled an online film screening of THE BORINQUENEERS on November 13, 2020 at noon.  This event is not open to the public and will only be offered to the New York Power Authority employees. 

    The New York Power Authority is the largest state public power utility in the United States providing some of the lowest-cost electricity in the nation, operating 16 generating facilities and more than 1,400 circuit-miles of transmission lines. Its main administrative offices are in White Plains.

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Some of the Comments

April 13th 2021 and forth will always be remembered as Boriqueneers day. A tribute to the brave men of the 65th Infantry Regiment who sacrificed their lives, dignity, family, and service to the United States Of America. May their spirits stay with with all of us and be remembered as our Puerto Rican heroes.

jorge luis castro-alvarado Lawton Ft. Sill OK

My grandfather was 2nd LT. William E. White Co. A 65th Regt. 3rd Div. He died in the battle of Jackson Heights on October 28th 1952. He was one of the officers in Co. A that died when a mortar landed during an officers meeting with 1st LT. Porterfield, LT. Glasgow and LT. Gibbs from Co. F. I recently received he letters he wrote home to my Grandmother. (She passed away January 2020) I have 1 or 2 pictures of him while in Korea and he describes in one of his letters about having is picture taken with a General that was the Assistant Division Commander. (Oct. 14, 1952) I’ve been trying to find the picture and in general, anyone that might have known him. Or even what platoon he was assigned.

Thank you to all those who have fought along side my Grandfather.


Benjamin Galaviz North Richland Hills, Texas

Before my wife, Lily, and I were married, I was at her house and I happened to see a keepsake box full of medals. I was in the Army so I asked her about where she got them. That’s when she told me about her Grandfather, MSG Eusebio Diaz Santiago (RET.) Co. D 12/1948-2/1951, Purple Heart (Deceased 5/12/1971). This was the first time I had heard any story of the Borinqueneers. She told me how her father, Eusebio’s son, was the one that flew to Washington to accept the Borinqueneers Congressional Gold Medal on behalf of his father who sadly passed away 40 years earlier. I’m glad these soldiers were finally recognized for their heroics and for inspiring the generations that came after and I hope that they get more of the recognition they so greatly deserve.

Brian Brown Hutto, TX

I’m so glad there is a website like this one to honor our heroes. In my case my hero is my dad Angel A. Murphy. He served in Korea and Vietnam. Although he did not speak much about the Korean war for obvious reasons but he would always tell me that the Army did a lot to shape his life.

Back in 2003, in the early days of Google I was curious to see if could find anything on my dad. After searching for a while I ran into a publication called “The Puerto Rican Soldier”, which I believe is the same people that run this website. In the publication there was an issue from 2003 that had a picture posted by Carlos M. Bonilla. The picture was while Carlos was in Korea during 4/1952 – 2/1953. In it was Carlos M. Bonilla, my dad and four other friends.

I want to thank Carlos for submitting that picture and giving us a glimpse of my dad in his early days.

Alfonso Murphy Coral Springs Florida

Soy hija del SGT. Jose L. Castro Del Valle. Puertorriqueño ; mi padre sirvió 27 años al Ejercito de los Estados Unidos de America. Estuvo en el regimiento de 65 de Infantería. Pelio en Korea y Vietnam con valor y ahincó por la nación. Desearía saber cómo enviar fotos de mi padre y su biografía ( medallas obtenidas) para que aparezca en el directorio de los Borinqueneers.  Recibir la medalla otorgada por el Congreso de los Estados Unidos.
Gracias por hacer valer el valor de otros,

Gesina W. Castro Kissimmee, Florida 34744

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