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An educational Study Guide is available for use in grades 9th to 12th and at the collegiate level and may be used in several educational disciplines such as History, Social Studies, Civics and Community Service, Language Arts, Political Science, Humanities, and in JROTC / ROTC programs. Designed to assist educators by providing seven comprehensive lesson plans on specific themes for use with the film, The Borinqueneers, the Guide also includes:

  • Chapter Summaries which correspond to the Scene Selection feature of the DVD
  • A Roll Call containing the names and photos of the veterans and historians who appear in the film.
  • A sampling of quotes from the veterans and a vocabulary list of military terms used in the film.
  • A brief historical background of Puerto Rico and Korea.
  • A Quick Glance one-page student guide which can be used for the viewing and general discussion of the film in a shorter time frame.


The following articles have been provided courtesy of their respective authors for informational and educational purposes only. Each author is the copyright owner and, therefore, the articles cannot be reproduced or published without permission.

Col. Gilberto Villahermosa (Ret., USA)

LTC Bart Soto (Ret., USA Reserve)

Noemi Figueroa Soulet (Director/Producer of THE BORINQUENEERS)

James J. Prewitt Diaz, MA, MS  & Joseph O. Prewitt Diaz, PhD

Jean-Loup Gassend (Author)


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