How to Submit Photos

We will be happy to accept your photos but please follow these guidelines:

  • If you do not have access to a scanner, please send the original photo(s) to us and we will scan and return the original(s) to you. OR…
  • You may scan the photo(s) yourself in TIF or JPG format at 600 dpi (dots per inch) high-quality resolution and email them to us at If the file is too large to send by email OR if there are many photos, you can burn them to a CD or DVD and mail it to us. OR…
  • You can send us a COPY of the photo printed in a photographic paper by mail. If you go to the Photo Department of your local pharmacy such as Walgreens, CVS, RiteAid, etc., they can copy your photo(s) in glossy, photographic paper.

Please DO NOT:

  • send us archival photos photographed with your camera, telephone or Ipad
  • send us photos scanned in low resolution (72dpi or 150 dpi)
  • send us photos copied on regular, plain paper

These methods will offer poor quality photos.

Please add a note with as much identifying information of the photos as you know. For example: the veteran’s complete name, date and place of birth, what approximate dates he served with the 65th (month and year), what company he was assigned to, what rank he was at the time of service with the 65th, and if applicable, date of death and your relationship to the veteran (son, etc.). If the veteran is a retiree, please state so and include the years of service (for example, 1940-1971), the total number of years served (for example, 21 years) and the final rank achieved.

Our preference for photos are in this order:

  1.  archival photo of the time the veteran served with the 65th or in the Army in uniform
  2.  archival photo in civilian clothes
  3.  more recent photo if an archival photo is not available

The photo(s) submitted will be included in our Gallery of Borinqueneers Photos on our website as well as printed in our mailed newsletter.

If the veteran is still alive, please provide the address and telephone number so we can add him to our 65th Infantry database. All 65th veterans on our list receive our free printed newsletter mailed twice a year (May and November).

Please mail your photos to:
El Pozo Productions
3509 Fallbrook Drive
Kissimmee, FL  34759

Or email them at For more information, call (863) 547-8023.

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