Juan Gonzalez

I have read many of the commments listed about the Borinqueneers. My Father Emilio Morales Gonzalez joined in 1950-51 from Ft Buchanan. My Father comes from Ciales and my Mother from Orocovis. Jibaros (Hillbillies) and i am very Proud of every Puerto Rican who has servered and is still serving. I am a retired HMC (FMF). A Hospital Corpsman whom served out of 23 years, a little over 18 years with the USMC, from the Grunts to Recon to 3 front line tours.. I state this because if my Father had not joined during the Korean Conflict me and my brothers would have never had the life i have today… And God Bless every Borinqueneers.. Without YOU there would be no us that have served in Vietnam, Beruit, Kosovo, Panama, Desert Shield/Storm and Iraq and Afganistan. I served from 1983 to 2007 and have researched and read everything i could about the Proud Bornqueneers… Your Struggle & Fight is what keep us going.. My Brother MSGT Miguel Gonzales (Combat Medic), just retired and he has been on the Front lines also.. So Thank You and the people whom researched and put this together so the Legacy still lives of the Borinqueneers… i want my children here in the U.S. to know and keep it alive and yes i do take them to Puerto Rico every year so they dont forget there Proud Heritage… Semeper Fi… Vivat Jesus

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