Baltazar Soto

I understand Miguels feelings about the service of our Puerto Rican soldiers, I had the same feelings myself and have personally experienced racism, however; I do not share his conclusion about the so called “American Reality”. It is actually a WORLD reality, including Puerto Rico where Puerto Ricans who speak Spanish with an accent, like myself, are called “Newyorkricans” and told to “go back home to New York”. During my military service and life experience I have learned their is hatred and discrimination ALL OVER the world, not just the United States. The only place you will find the perfect world is in Heaven. At least in the USA they are actively trying to right the many wrongs they have committed in the past. In my lifetime I have seen much progress. It is true the USA invaded Puerto Rico and we were a colony for many years, but since 1952 Puerto Rico again and again has freely chosen it present political status. I believe most of the Borinqueneers of the 65th Infantry were volunteer soldiers. Soldiers do not get to chose which wars they will fight. In addition, by freely chosing to continue to be part of the USA, Puerto Ricans automatically had to serve in its wars. As a Christian I believe the response to ignorance and racism is forgiveness and educating those you come in contact with. Chosing the path of hatred turns you into the very people you despise.

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