Benjamin Galaviz

My grandfather was 2nd LT. William E. White Co. A 65th Regt. 3rd Div. He died in the battle of Jackson Heights on October 28th 1952. He was one of the officers in Co. A that died when a mortar landed during an officers meeting with 1st LT. Porterfield, LT. Glasgow and LT. Gibbs from Co. F. I recently received he letters he wrote home to my Grandmother. (She passed away January 2020) I have 1 or 2 pictures of him while in Korea and he describes in one of his letters about having is picture taken with a General that was the Assistant Division Commander. (Oct. 14, 1952) I’ve been trying to find the picture and in general, anyone that might have known him. Or even what platoon he was assigned.

Thank you to all those who have fought along side my Grandfather.


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