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March 4, 2021

Before my wife, Lily, and I were married, I was at her house and I happened to see a keepsake box full of medals. I was in the Army so I asked her about where she got them. That’s when she told me about her Grandfather, MSG Eusebio Diaz Santiago (RET.) Co. D 12/1948-2/1951, Purple Heart (Deceased 5/12/1971). This was the first time I had heard any story of the Borinqueneers. She told me how her father, Eusebio’s son, was the one that flew to Washington to accept the Borinqueneers Congressional Gold Medal on behalf of his father who sadly passed away 40 years earlier. I’m glad these soldiers were finally recognized for their heroics and for inspiring the generations that came after and I hope that they get more of the recognition they so greatly deserve.

Brian Brown Hutto, TX
February 18, 2021

I’m so glad there is a website like this one to honor our heroes. In my case my hero is my dad Angel A. Murphy. He served in Korea and Vietnam. Although he did not speak much about the Korean war for obvious reasons but he would always tell me that the Army did a lot to shape his life.

Back in 2003, in the early days of Google I was curious to see if could find anything on my dad. After searching for a while I ran into a publication called “The Puerto Rican Soldier”, which I believe is the same people that run this website. In the publication there was an issue from 2003 that had a picture posted by Carlos M. Bonilla. The picture was while Carlos was in Korea during 4/1952 – 2/1953. In it was Carlos M. Bonilla, my dad and four other friends.

I want to thank Carlos for submitting that picture and giving us a glimpse of my dad in his early days.

Alfonso Murphy Coral Springs Florida
August 2, 2020

Soy hija del SGT. Jose L. Castro Del Valle. Puertorriqueño ; mi padre sirvió 27 años al Ejercito de los Estados Unidos de America. Estuvo en el regimiento de 65 de Infantería. Pelio en Korea y Vietnam con valor y ahincó por la nación. Desearía saber cómo enviar fotos de mi padre y su biografía ( medallas obtenidas) para que aparezca en el directorio de los Borinqueneers.  Recibir la medalla otorgada por el Congreso de los Estados Unidos.
Gracias por hacer valer el valor de otros,

Gesina W. Castro Kissimmee, Florida 34744
August 2, 2020

My grandfather was a Bronze star recipient who served in WW 1&2.
He, (Sgt) Carlos Ramirez DeLeon served with Company F 65 Infantry. He passed away when I was only 2 years old. He is buried in Cayey, PR. I am currently trying to find a photo of his platoon. Thank you for preserving their history. Thank You, Borinqueneers for your service!

Arlene Ramirez Colon Orlando, Fl
August 2, 2020

My Father Rumiro Lopez Soto war 2 1940,1945 C

Carlos.A.lopez González Meridianville.AL
August 2, 2020


January 15, 2020

Hola quisiera saber información de mi padre que fue un soldado Puertorriqueño

Nota:  Le sugerimos que visite nuestra sección de “Preguntas de Frecuencia”:

Mayra Sheliz Ortiz San Juan PR
January 15, 2020

I am the son of Jose Ramirez .  Sargent of company C . He can be found in the Company C picture to the far left. Can you tell me if a Congressional Medal was awarded to him. Thank you William Ramirez.

Note:  I suggest you contact us at or call (863) 547-8023 to discuss your case in detail.  Thank you for your inquiry.

William Ramirez Langhorne PA
June 24, 2018

My father Felix Cardona Quiñones died on Thursday, June 21, 2018. He proudly received the gold medal the day of his 90th Birthday April 13, 2016. I am proud of his legacy of service and cordial attitude to his fellow citizens being very proud for being one of many puerto ricans who return to Puerto Rico and help improve our society by developing sports


Our deepest condolences to you and your family on your loss.  We are always sad to hear about the passing of our beloved Borinqueneers.

Felix Kansas City, MO
November 13, 2017

Saludos, Mi tio Raúl Rivera Rodríguez original del Bo Colombia en Mayaguez, perteneció a los Borinqueneers. Fue declarado MIA en la Guerra de Corea. Los familiares que le sobrevivimos apenas le conocimos, tan solo tenemos la foto oficial enmarcada que otorgó el ejército a mis abuelos. Si alguien tiene memorias, fotos, historias, etc. agradeceríamos lo comparta con nosotros.
Agradecida! puede dirigirse a Sol N. Vélez-Rivera

SOL VELEZ Mayaguez, Puerto Rico

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