Rafael Olmeda

Since watching the DVD my interest in the Borinqueneers has increased, it has increased to the point that I have been asking my father all about his time in the Army but most importantly his time with the 65th Regiment. I asked him if he knew many of the men featured in the photo galery and to my surprise he indeed remember a few and to add to the story he remember the battles and the hills that they fought. My dad is now suffering from Alzheimer but sure does remember those fine young men and friends of his. He served with company C

My dad will be celebrating his 90th birthday on April 19th, 2008. A family get together has been planned in the Bronx for him, with many family members flying in from various points of the States. My gift to my dad is to present him with a case of all the medals he was awarded during his deployments to Korea, Africa, Germany,and other places away from the Island where he left 5 kids behind along with his wife to serve his Island and the US of A. My dad served proud with distinction, a well groom soldier, a proud soldier someone that I have total respect for and someone that I love. Besides the medals, the case will have several patches of the units he served with and the most respected badge, the COMBAT INFANTRY BADGE awarded to him and many of his comrades.

To my dad and to all the dads who serve with the 65th Regiment and to those sons and daughters and wife’s who were not fortunate to have their fathers, husband back, I say THANK YOU, THANK YOU FOR THEIR SERVICE AND SACRIFICE.


Thank you to everyone who has shared a story of their dad, tio, abuelo they are inspirational and during my reading of them I could not avoid having a lump in my throat.

Rafael Olmeda – Chula Vista California

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