Maria del Mar Rosado

Hello, I am sorry to bother all. I am here in search of some information on my grandfather. His name is Jose Manuel Rosado. He was part of the 65th Infantry, 3rd Division (if I remember correctly) in 1950. He was just recently told by his docotors he is ill and has anywhere from a year to 6 months from now. My grandfather really never talked about his time in the Army. He did not make it to the Korean War. He states he was on his way to the airplane with his gear, when he was told he would have to stay behind and train others. He told my father (his son) that he regreated he did not die next to his friends. I would like to see if I can get anymore information about my grandfather’s time in the Army before he passes. I also want my children (11 year old boy and a 4 year old girl)to know more about their great-grandfather, who they have had the honor to know. (Sorry about any spelling errors or typos).

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