David W. Roman

It is a real honor to be a part, however small, of “The Borinqueneers.” Your work will very quickly become a classic and a mainstay in the remembrance of these brave soldiers. Every time I view the DVD, I am reaffirmed in the conviction that the court-martial segment is an essential part of the fabric of this history, without which the story is fatally flawed and incomplete. The serious, accurate, and respectful treatment you gave it puts the entire episode into its correct perspective in a caring way that avoids clichés and banality. Thank you for giving expression to the sentiments of so many who carry the memory of an incident that is burdened with so much misunderstanding. You will not be forgotten.

David played an instrumental role in raising substantial funds for the completion of THE BORINQUENEERS. It in no way was a “small” contribution. Thank you David!