Angel Cordero

Hi Noemi,
I am in receipt of your new book: Borinqueneer Photo Directory 2016.  Thank you so much for the book!  I love it! Congratulations on completing such a wonderful book.  It is a great companion to your film, the Borinqueneers.   Now I can put names and faces to those brave Boricuas of the 65th Infantry Regiment who fought and died in the Korean War and all those you so eloquently profiled in your ground-breaking film, one that has drawn praise and acclaim worldwide for both, you and the veterans’.  The book is an invaluable resource. Besides the personal photos with Borinqueneer names, dates, ranks, units and the like, it contains a brief history of the regiment, medals awarded, a list of all regiment commanders and those wounded or killed.   Though I understand it is not all-inclusive, your exhaustive work on this book speaks for itself.  To my knowledge no one has ever done such a tribute to the 65th Infantry vets before!  I salute you for this accomplishment.  I thank you for providing us with such a valuable resource which I’m sure will be treasured by many, especially the veterans themselves, their families, and all the people of Puerto Rico and the Diaspora, including me.   I’ll cherish all my life.
Long live the Borinqueneers!
Angel Cordero
Paterson, NJ
Originally from Orocovis, PR
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