Angel M Rodriguez

They were exactly what american soldiers should be
today. The U.S. Government praised all their “white soldiers” in World War II because they were independent thinkers and not slaves to a dictator like were the Nazis. If you tell a Nazi to jumps off a plane without a parachute, he would blindly do it for his furor. The Nazis would give up their lives for nothing, whereas the American soldiers were praised because they would sacrificed their lives for their buddies, for their country and for the cause. The independent and free American soldier won the War. The Borinqueneers cared for each other, because no one else did. They were family. They confronted the enemy with honor, as did the Greeks and the Turks, who were fearless fighter as were the Borinqueneers (all from Puerto Rico. I am proud that they did not “jump off the plane”, even though previous attempts caused them many lives. See the movies. It is great.