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BEACHHEAD SECURED 81169 – Discusses Operation Portrex, a Joint Airborne-Amphibious training exercise on Vieques Island off Puerto Rico on the eve of the Korean War. The exercise involved the U.S. 65th Infantry Regiment (Aggressor Forces), mostly Hispanic soldiers, against the 82nd Airborne Div, 504th Airborne Infantry Regiment (Liberating Forces). The successful military maneuvers during Protrex prompted the Army’s leadership to deploy the 65th Infantry to Korea. Paratroopers jump from flight of C-119 aircraft. Landing craft discharge troops on the Vieques Island beachhead. Marine holds “wounded Marine” tag. Vehicles of the “Liberating Forces” had trouble advancing off the beachhead. Soldier uncovers and removes “dummy” mine. Shows tank obstacles erected by the Aggressor Forces.

This film is part of the Periscope Film LLC archive, one of the largest historic military, transportation, and aviation stock footage collections in the USA. Entirely film backed, this material is available for licensing in 24p HD. For more information visit http://www.PeriscopeFilm.com

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