SSG Aramis Natal-Garcia (Ret.)

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1950-53, served 25 yrs. (Deceased 1995)


SSG Aramis Natal Garcia (Ret.)

My father was a 65th Infantry Army 3RD DIV Borinqueneer radioman in the Korean War from 1950-1953.  He may have been trained in the Portrex excercises in Vieques for the Korea war. He was one of the soldiers that fought in the Mambo Hill Battle, he is the soldier on the right side of the photo of all the soldiers standing in front the tent at Mambo Hill.

He was also with the Borinqueneers working with the tanks. He said his commanders would send him where ever he was needed in Korea. He told me he spent most of his tour near the 38th parallel near North Korea in the front lines during the Korean war where all the fighting action occurred and it was very ugly there. He was a decorated Borinqueneer and awarded by his commander a Purple Heart and a Bronze and Silver Star in Korea. I have seen his military medals myself many times. He kept them locked in a suitcase at home. The Army told our family they have no record of his file or name and that the warehouse with his military records were all burned. I searched the Stars and Stripes newspaper and they have 91 listing in their archive with his name in it. 

His brother Ramon Natal Garcia also fought near the 38th parallel and he was sent twice for tours in the front lines also in Korea. They loved sending the Borinqueneers to fight in the front lines to fight in the war.

My father joined the USAF after the Korean war and retired in 1975 with 25 years in the Army and Air Force. In the Air Force his colleagues called him “SHORTY” same as his favorite Gen. Soule who had this nickname by his troops in Korea.

He was born in Bayamon, Puerto Rico on a large farm, and became a industrial arts teacher. He was also with studys to become a Lutheran minister before he was sent to Korea. My father graduated from Bayamon, High School and he was the Valedectorian of his class. He was so superior in school that his high school principal made him a teacher’s assistant in high school. He made 100% scores on all his military I have seen copies of them myself. He attended NYU as a Special Education major before the Korean War when he and his brother were drafted by the US Army.  He and his younger brother received a letter from the President that he had to report to the Army to go to Korea for military service.  They were two of the few Borinqueneers that returned to Bayamon, PR alive from his town ; and when they returned, his photo was on the front page of the newspaper in PR and they had a parade for his arrival day in Bayamon, PR.

Most of his friends from his high school and town Bayamon, PR the best and brightest from his high school were all killed in Korea 

My father and my uncle Ramon have both passed away. Ramon Natal Garcia his brother passed away in the VA hospital in Puerto Rico. I wanted to send the photos to honor my father and give his brother’s name for all the sacrifices he and his younger brother made for the United States and Korea and the United States military and for all of us Americans, in the war. Puerto Rico has sacrificed with many 65th Infantry Borinqueneers who never made it back home, and who are still missing from the Korean war today. 

I am very thankful my father and his brother made it home to Bayamon, Puerto Rico alive with their arms and legs and head intact. 

I am sending your staff two photos I found. In one my hero, my father is standing on the left side in the photo in front of his tank with a big star on it. In the photo they were near the 38th Parallel near North Korea. The second photo my father is sitting near his tank with a star on it, and he is on the left in the photo. In the photo I am sending the writing on the back of the photo it says Korea April 1951 for the one with my father standing in front of the tank with the hat and dark sweater. Thank you for the magnificent film I saw it recently on PBS. The greatest man I have ever met, is my father Aramis Natal-Garcia who was a walking angel on this earth when he was alive on earth. I was so blessed and honored from God, to have him for my father. Thank you and best regards,

I am his daughter Carmen Natal.

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