SFC Marcos Melendez (Ret.)

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WWII, Korea-Co. F, Purple Heart



Earlier this year, we were asked to help find Puerto Rican veterans of WWII to participate in The Latino Americans, a PBS six-hour series to be broadcast in 2013.  Of the more than 25 names we submitted to the producers, SFC Marcos A. Melendez (Ret.), 89 years old, of Lawton, Oklahoma (Ft. Sill) was selected.  Marcos served in the 65th Infantry Regiment during World War II in Headquarters & Headquarters Co. and in Co. “F” during the Korean War.  He was one of 5 brothers who served in Korea and later also served in the Vietnam War.  He retired in 1972 after 30 years of military service and is a recipient of the Purple Heart. Marcos’ wife, Irma, wrote to us :  “The PBS crew arrived at our home and spent an exhausting, exhilarating 4 1/2 hours filming Marcos playing the guitar, singing and in a short interview.  The songs he performed were titled ‘Despedida’, ‘En mi viejo San Juan’ and ‘La carta’….  The guitar was what he played even in the foxhole during the war to boost the morale of his fellow soldiers. 

Marcos’ 7 children and my 2 have been left with a wonderful legacy due to this work, I am sure.  What  a great opportunity to show the world the sacrifices and the contributions by Hispanic Americans who served their President and country so well.  Again, thank you for being the channel which got this ball rolling.  It is such a wonderful opportunity for all involved to participate in the project and give ‘unsung heroes’ a moment in time.” 


We want to thank our supporters for submitting names for this project.

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