SFC Gerasimo Arroyo-Baez

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Medical Co. 1952 (Died as a POW in Vietnam 1972)


Sgt. 1st Class Gerásimo Arroyo-Báez of Maunabo, PR served in the Medical Company in 1952. On March 24, 1969, he was on duty at a Tam Soc operating base in Ba Xuayn Province, near Saigon, Vietnam when it was attacked and he was taken prisoner. He died in captivity on August 22, 1972 at the age of 40 having served for 18 years in the Army. Fourteen years later, in March 1985, his remains were returned to the U.S. His father, Pedro Arroyo, was a World War 1 veteran and his three sons also had military careers: SP4 Adalberto Arroyo, SGT Gilberto Arroyo (who served for 26 years) and SP4 Daniel Arroyo.

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