SFC Celio Freytes (Ret.)

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WW II & Korea-HQ HQ CO; Bronze Star, Served 20 yrs. (Deceased 2011)


SFC Celio Freytes (Ret.), 89 passed away on April 16, 2011.   He was born in Montebello (Manati), Puerto Rico on April 17, 1921.  Celio was a noble Borinqueneer that fought in World War II and Korea with the brave 65th Infantry Regiment.  He was promoted from Private to SFC while serving in different companies, including as Security NCO of the Regimental Headquarters while Colonel Harris was in Command.  Celio was a hard worker who pulled himself by his bootstraps; a great father, grandfather and husband; a special person (loved by all); an excellent “handyman” who could fix anything; a humanitarian with many friends who always willing to help others.  He would say “haz el bien…no mires a quien” (Do good, don’t look at whom.) He had a very good sense of humor and liked to play the Tres, Cuatro, Guiro and Guitar.  Reported by his son Lt. Col. Dennis Freytes (Ret., USA).