SFC Carlos M. Ruiz (Ret.)

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Regimental Hdqrts. 1950-51, served 1944-65 for 21 yrs. (Deceased 4/5/2014)


SFC Carlos Ruiz (Ret.)


Amongst the photographs published in the December 2000 issue of this newsletter, CSM Jose “Pepe” Figueroa Casos recognized a friend he hadn’t seen since Korea…SFC Carlos Ruiz. This past summer the two were finally reunited. Ruiz was the 65th Inf. Regt. Photographer and Figueroa was the Operations Sgt. for HQ Co, 2nd Bn, 65th Inf. They served in Korea from Sept ’50 – Fall ’51.

When the two men reunited in Greensboro, NC this past June, they embraced and “smiled from ear to ear”, according to Carlos. Their wives, Liza and Maggie, had been neighbors in Cayey while the two men were off at war – they were overwhelmed with joy. They had not seen each other in 50 years. Before shipping off to Korea in Aug. 1950, they all recalled the happy days and gatherings in Cayey. Both men sat down to look at old photographs from Carlos’ collection and reminisce. They remembered Operation Portrex where the 65th Regt, commanded by Col. Harris, scored a victory over the 3rd Inf Division (ironically, the 65th Regt was attached to the 3rd just a few months later in Korea). Both men were there and agreed the experience was vital to the 65th’s success in the ebb and flow of the Korean War in ’50 and ’51.

One day aboard the USS Lynx in Panama, a soldier fell to his death when the men rushed to the dockside of the ship to listen to a band play. Pepe says this was the first 65th casualty. Carlos was surprised; he had always thought the first casualties were the 2 men killed when their jeep hit a landmine on the 1st day in Korea. During the 65th’s move north in the Fall of ’50, they recalled the landings at Wonsan, circling in the LSTs, and how there was no North Korean opposition until they went inland. The photos revealed the 65th’s first action against Chinese forces, covering the Marine’s withdrawal to the port of Hungnam – the snapshot of the last evacuated 65th troops on Christmas Eve ’50 – the bitter cold and lack of winter clothing; the 16″ guns of the Missouri blasting away far off in the last days. 

They recognized so many faces in the pictures and recalled how proud they were in those days, despite the hardships of war. Pepe retired from the Army as a Command Sgt. Major after a distinguished 30-year career. He also served in Germany. He now lives with his wife in Monterrey, CA. After the war, Carlos served as the NCO-in-charge of the Antilles Lab at Ft. Brooke, P.R., then the Pentagon for 10 yrs, returning to Korea for a tour in 1963. He retired from the Army after 20 years of service and now lives with his wife in Falls Church, VA. Both men are veterans of WWII. 

Written by Paul Clark, proud grandson of SFC Carlos Ruiz.
December, 2001


SFC Carlos Ruiz (Ret.), 88, passed away on April 5, 2014 in Falls Church, Virginia. He was born on July 20, 1925 in Rincon, PR. Sgt. Ruiz volunteered for the Army in 1944 when he was 18. Although hostilities had ended, in May 1945 he was sent to Holland to Company 249 which was comprised of 200 Puerto Rican MPs (Military Police) responsible for providing security at Zanderg Fields Base. While there, he registered in a correspondence course to learn photography since they had a darkroom on the base. He then bought an Argus C-3 35mm camera, began taking photos of the soldiers and selling them. At a USO dance in Holland, he met his future wife, Liza. Although discharged from the Army in 1946, he returned and was assigned to Headquarters Company, 65th Inf. Regt. as a Supply Sergeant. When the Korean War broke out, they offered him the position of the Regimental Photographer because they wanted a record of the 65th’s exploits. He took many wonderful photos of the 65th in Korea from September 1950 to February 1951 and generously shared them for the making of “The Borinqueneers” film. We at El Pozo Productions will miss him terribly. Carlos served in the Army for 20 years from 1944-65 ending with the rank of Sergeant First Class. Submitted by his wife, Liza Ruiz.

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