Marcian Hausman

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3rd Platoon Leader, Co. L 1951-53 (Deceased-5/12/2005)


My husband, Marcian C Hausman was Platoon leader for the 65th Infantry from 1951 until his tour was up and he got home in September 1953.  He never talked to much about his service.  He was a farm boy from Tuscola, Illinois.  He had a friend, Ken Darnell, who was sending a picture for something you all were doing.  I would be so happy to hear from anyone who might remember him.  Marcian passed away May 12, 2005.  We were married for 50 years and 5 months.  I buried him on my birthday.  He was a great person.  Thank you for any information. 

Clarice Hausman
1441 N US Hwy 45 
Tuscola, IL.  61953 
217-253-2695 HM

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