Maj. Gen. Juan Cesar Cordero (Ret. ARNG)

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Regimental Commander 2/1952-9/1952, WWII-2nd Bn. Commander; Silver Star (Deceased 1965)


Mother’s Day Radio Program Speech – 1952

Puerto Rican mothers, allow me to send my most sincere greetings to all of you on this Mother’s Day. I would like to offer you a strong embrace and to personally congratulate you for having provided such brave children to be brought to the world with such a high consideration of responsibility and such a high sense of honor. I understand that your sacrifice is immense and that many are the hours of bitter tension, but I hope that the performance of your children in this Korean mountain, and the consideration of their contribution to the efforts of democracy to slice communism in its own grounds, serve you as consolation.

Your children have written here in these mountains a very glorious record for our beloved Puerto Rico . They, with their valor, have done honor to the values of their grandparents, your parents, and have established in the whole world a high reputation for the children of Puerto Rico . Feel proud of them because they are honoring your names and giving good account of the high sense of honor that you inculcated in them since childhood. I ask God, for resignation and consolation for those of you who will not have the pleasure of seeing your dear children and husbands again because they already offered the maximum sacrifice in this struggle. Their names have been recorded in the struggle of the honored by our great nation with the Purple Heart. I ask God that the tears spilt by you are not in vain and that with the determination of the lovers of freedom, we will achieve to reach a real peace without fear of famine, slavery or tyranny. And that He grant tranquility to the mothers of tomorrow. I send an affectionate greeting to the mothers and wives of my brave soldiers. Thank you very much.

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