LTC Eugenio C. de Hostos

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CO B & CO E 1905-1920, Porto Rico Regt. (Deceased 1959)


Eugenio Carlos de Hostos (born in August 26, 1879 in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic – May 27, 1959 in Spain)

was the son of Eugenio Maria de Hostos (Puerto Rican nationalist, writer and educator) and brother of Alfonso J. de Hostos, who also served as an officer in Co. F with the Porto Rico Regiment from 1909-1919.

Eugenio served during World War I from 1905-1920 as one of its first Puerto Rican officers of the Porto Rico Regiment of Infantry, renamed the U.S. Army 65th Infantry Regiment. De Hostos’ military career included work for the Army Intelligence Service traveling incognito in Colombia, Guatemala and Panama to identify German activities in those countries during the war.  Later he joined the U.S. Army Reserve.

In 1935, Eugenio Carlos de Hostos and his wife (Mignon) purchased an old castle and surrounding estate in Sotomayor, Pontevedra, in the northwest corner of Spain, which would be their home for the rest of their lives.

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