Diego Figueroa-Reyes

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Co. K 1951


This is my Dad – Father of 3 – Grandfather of 4 – Great Grandfather of 5

My Dad is 79 years old and still in pretty good health… We moved and have lived in Chicago since 1958

My Dad joined and the National Guards in Puerto Rico in 1950 at the age of 15. He said he lied about his age to be able to in list.   He says he saw many of his friends die in Korea..


First Sgt. Diego A. Figueroa-Reyes

Born in Ciales, Puerto Rico – Oct. 4, 1932

US 29 195 691

3rd Division

65th Infantry – K Company

Served 3 tours in Korea – Summer, Fall & Winter of 1951

After Korea my Dad was stationed in Fort Knox, Kentucky and then in Germany..

Years of service: Aug. 9, 1951 – Jan. 18, 1956


Thank you so much,

Diego A. Figueroa-Villalobos

4507 W. Lawrence Ave. Apt. 206

Chicago, Illinois 60630

(773) 733-6446


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