Cristobal Maymi-Borras

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Co. I WWII (Deceased 2010)


CRISTÓBAL MAYMÍ BORRÁS was a proud Puerto Rican and a proud Borinqueneer.  He was born on October 12, 1921 in Guanica, Puerto Rico.  When the United States decided to enter WWII, Cristóbal and 4 of his brothers served at the same time. Cristóbal was shipped along with the 65th Infantry to the North African front and from there to Italy, Corsica, Southern France and finally to the German border to fight the Axis forces.  Cristóbal’s Company “I” was ordered to climb the Alps and descend into Germany. He had many painful stories that he hesitated to talk about. Due to the bombing, his hearing was severely affected, and he became disoriented. He was sent back to the states in a hospital boat and spent seven months in different hospitals where he was treated. Cristóbal never fully recovered his hearing.  Cristóbal, age 88, passed away on April 17, 2010 in Houston, Texas.  He was buried at the Houston National Cemetery.

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