CPL Eraclio Grau-Aponte

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Porto Rico Regiment of Infantry, 1917-1919 (Deceased)


Eraclio Grau Y Aponte

Eraclio Grau Y Aponte was born in Jayuya, Puerto Rico in 1896.  His family later moved to Bayamon, Puerto Rico where Eraclio eventually found employment with the Porto Rico-American Cigar Company as a Torcerdor (cigar roller).  In 1917, as required by law, Eraclio registered for the draft, and later that year was drafted into the Porto Rico Regiment of Infantry.  On December 21, 1917, 63 soldiers from the Regiment were shipped from San Juan, Puerto Rico to Governors Island, New York; possibly for training and deployment to the western front in Europe. Little is known about his military service.  After his service in the Army, Eraclio returned to Puerto Rico, married and had two sons Carlos and George.  They later moved to Manhattan, New York.  Eraclio died in 1948 and was buried in Long Island National Cemetery.

By Roberto Fernández III 
Great Grandson of Eraclio Grau
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