Col. Louis M. Koehler (Ret.)

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Regimental Commander - Porto Rico Regiment of Infantry 7/27/1912-1/21/1914, USMA-1885 (Deceased 1924)


Col. Louis M. Koehler (Ret.) was born on July 21, 1869, the 5th child to Christian Koehler & Margareta Gund Koehler in Galena, IL.  Christian Koehler was a wagon maker & iron maker by trade.  By the time of Uncle Louis birth, there were already 4 older brothers & 1 older sister, and within the next couple of years there were 4 more brothers & 1 more sister, for a total of 11 children, and   The family would eventually move from Galena, IL to Le Mars, Iowa.

Louis married Maude B. Anthony the niece of Susan B. Anthony on May 26, 1894 in Leavenworth, Kansas.  They never had any children, but had many nieces, nephews and great nieces & nephews, my grandfather being one of  Louis favorite nephews. 

Louis graduated from The United States Military Academy in 1885, listed as student #3081, he would serve in the Army nearly 40 years.  Louis began his Army career as a Captain, then was promoted to Major when he married Maude B. Anthony, and when he retired, he was a Colonel of the Calvary, U.S.A. Retired.  Col. Koehler was the Regimental Commander of the Puerto Rico Regiment of Infantry from July 27, 1912 to January 21,1914.   

Louis and Maude lived in Los Angeles, CA after retiring from the Calvary. He was the first ROTC Instructor at UCLA, until bad health forced him to retire.  Louis passed away on July 16, 1924 in Los Angeles, CA and he is buried in Arlington National Cemetery along with his wife Maude B. Anthony who passed away on January 23, 1950 in Los Angeles, CA. 


“Uncle Louis tombstone, his name is spelled as Lewis Martin Koehler, but according to our family records his name is spelled as  Louis Martin Koehler, so please see that his name is Louis Martin Koehler.”  Photo provided by Maureen A. Koehler Mumm  


Submitted by
Maureen A. Koehler Mumm
A Great Great Niece of  Col. Louis Martin Koehler & Maude B. Anthony Koehler

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