Col. Gilberto Gonzalez Julia (Ret.)

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1952 (Deceased 9/1/08)


COL. GILBERTO GONZALEZ JULIA (Ret.) passed away on September 1, 2008 of complications from a fall in his home at the age of 95. Born in 1913 in San Juan, Gilberto was drafted in the Army in 1940 and served in the 65th Infantry Regiment during the Korean War. Since he was a lawyer, the Army assigned him to represent some of the court-martialed men during the trials that took place in 1952. Retiring from the Army with the rank of Colonel, he was a close, life-long friend of Lt. Col. Carlos Betances, 2nd Battalion Commander. A famous track and field champion of Puerto Rico until late in age, Gilberto won thousands of medals and participated in many Masters running events. He is survived by his wife, Sara Urrutia and eight children. Gilberto attended the Puerto Rico premiere of THE BORINQUENEERS in November, 2007 at El Museo de Arte along with fourteen other 65th veterans. Submitted by 65th veteran William Feliciano Ruiz, Esq.