Brig.Gen. Orval P. Townshend (Ret.)

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Regimental Commander, Porto Rico Regiment of Infantry, 12/24/1918 - 3/31/1919; also served from 1900-1915, DSM (Deceased 1934)


Brig. Gen. Orval Townshend

US Army Brigadier General. He graduated from New York Military Academy in 1890. In 1898 he received his commission as a captain in the 9th Illinois Infantry, and took part in the Spanish-American War. He received a regular Army commission after the war, and served in Puerto Rico for many years. He was promoted to lieutenant colonel and then colonel at the start of World War I, and commanded the 66th Infantry Regiment in Panama. He was promoted to brigadier general in 1918, and commanded all troops Puerto Rico as the Army expanded during the war. After World War I he reverted to the permanent rank of colonel, and served as an instructor for the Maryland National Guard from 1920 to 1924. From 1924 to 1926 he was assistant to the War Department’s Chief of Insular Affairs, with responsibility for Civil Affairs projects in the Philippines and Puerto Rico. His final assignment was chief of staff of the 83rd Division, a Reserve unit in Ohio. He retired to Shawneetown in 1930, and at the time of his death was chairman of the committee which oversaw Civil Works Administration projects in Gallatin County. His rank as brigadier general was restored by an act of Congress in 1930. 


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