Alberto J. Garcia-Zamora, MD

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MEDICAL CO 1950-1951, Bronze Star (Valor)


ALBERTO J. GARCIA ZAMORA – Bronze Star for Valor Citation

CAPTAIN ALBERTO J. GARCIA, 0972592, Medical Corps, Medical Company, 65th Infantry, 3rd Infantry Division, United States Army. On 26 April 1951, near Ilbisang-ni, Korea, a large enemy force completely surrounded a battalion command post, isolating it from other friendly units. Captain GARCIA worked among the wounded in the adjacent aid station in a calm manner, undisturbed by the severity of the enemy fire. His efficient care of the wounded and his quiet demeanor eased their fears, giving them strength to face the desperate situation. Captain GARCIA often moved out into the open, rendered medical aid to the wounded lying in exposed positions and supervised their removal to the protective shelter of the aid station. The dauntless courage and untiring efforts of Captain GARCIA reflect great credit upon himself and the military service.  Entered the military service from Puerto Rico.

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