1LT Adolfo J. de Hostos

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CO F 1909-1919, Porto Rico Regt. (Deceased 1982)


Adolfo Joseph de Hostos (born in January 8, 1887 in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic – October 29, 1982 in San Juan, Puerto Rico). He was the son of Eugenio Maria de Hostos (a Puerto Rican educator, philosopher, intellectual, lawyer, sociologist, novelist, and Puerto Rican independence advocate.) and brother of Eugenio Carlos de Hostos, who also served as an officer in Companies B and E in the Porto Rico Regiment from 1905-1920.

Adolfo served in the military from 1905-1919 as one of the first Puerto Rican officers of the Porto Rico Regiment and as a military aide to Gov. Arthur Yeager before his appointment by Gov. Blanton Winship as the fifth Official Historian of Puerto Rico from January 1936 to 1950, a position created in March, 1903, by the Puerto Rico Legislature.

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