May 2015 Newsletter – #35

May 2015 Newsletter – #35 (3.89 MB)

In this issue:

  • American Veterans Center Awards Honor The 65th
  • American Legion Conference in Puerto Rico – June 5-7
  • Congressional Gold Medal Update
  • Have You Sent us Your Service Information?
  • Proposed Honors for the 65th in Connecticut
  • Merchandise for Sale at El Morro and Fort San Cristobal
  • Puerto Rico TV Broadcast
  • Event Photos
  • In Memoriam – SFC German Bravo, SFC Jesus Asencio Vazquez, SSG Jose Rodriguez Velazquez, Jose Vientos Velez, David Nazario Segarra, SMsgt Louis Ramirez Pabon, 1SGT Luis Figueroa Rivera
  • Borinqueneer Letters
  • Return to Jackson Heights by COL Bob Carmichael (Ret.)
  • Borinqueneer Photos – 65th Infantry Regimental Commanders and others

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