Borinqueneer Photos


CO. A – Company A
HQ HQ CO – Headquarters & Headquarters Co.
HQ CO 1 BN – Headquarters Co. 1st Battalion
HQ CO 2 BN – Headquarters Co. 2nd Battalion
HQ CO 3 BN – Headquarters Co. 3rd Battalion
HVY MORTAR CO – Heavy Mortar Co.
HVY TANK CO – Heavy Tank Co.
MED CO – Medical Company
SVC CO – Service Company
WWII – World War II

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MAJ Harry R. Bensley (Ret.) Co. M 1950-1951, Bronze Star for Valor (Deceased 1985)
SSG Miguel Berlingeri (Ret.) HVY MORTAR CO 1950-1951, served for 22 yrs.
LTC Carlos Betances (Ret.) 2nd BN Commander 1952, Bronze Star, served 20 yrs. (Deceased 2001)
Fernando Betancourt Santaella Co. A 1952-1953 (Deceased 2012)
COL William H. Billings (Ret.) 65th Regimental Commander 1953-1954 (Deceased 1980)
George Bjotvedt (“Tnte. Jorge”) Co. A & S-2 of 1 Bn. 7/1952-5/1953, Bronze Star (Meritorious)
COL Rafael A. Blanco, MD. (Ret.) MEDICAL CO WWII, served for 42 yrs. (Deceased 1992)
MAJ Johnnie L. Bohannon (Ret.) Co. C, 10 Engr Cmbt Bn attached to 65th RCT, Silver Star
Carlos M. Bonilla Co. L 4/1952-2/1953 (Deceased 8/11/2013)
Frank Bonilla HQ & HQ CO WWII, born in New York, NY, Deceased 2010
Luis Angel Boria Co. F 1950-1952
Blas Luis Bou Herrero Medical Co. 1952-1954 (Deceased 1988)
Charles Boyle HQ HQ CO-Operations & Intel Section 1950-1951, Silver Star, Bronze Star (Meritorious), Purple Heart
Jaime Braulio Flor Co. I 1951-1952 (Deceased 1/27/2012)
SFC German Bravo (Ret.) HQ HQ CO-Anti-Tank Bn. 1950-1951, served 20 yrs. (Deceased 2015)
Col. Andre W. Brewster (Ret.) Regimental Commander - Puerto Rico Regiment of Infantry 1/22/1914-10/1/1914 - West Point Graduate-1877, Medal of Honor recipient (Deceased 3/27/1942)
Brig. Gen. James A. Buchanan (Ret.) Regimental Commander, Porto Rican Regiment U.S. Volunteers – 2/20/1900-6/30/1901; Porto Rican Provisional Regiment of Infantry – 7/1/1901-9/24/1903; Deceased 5/18/1926
LTC Romeo “Rick” Bucknell (Ret). Co. A 1950-1952; 3 Silver Stars, Bronze Star, Soldier's Medal, 2 Purple Hearts; served for 29 yrs. (Deceased 03/15/2006)
Maj. Gen. William P. Burnham (Ret.) Regimental Commander, 10/2/1914 – 6/16/1917, Deceased 9/27/1930
Col. George L. Byroade (Ret.) Regimental Commander, 7/13/1931-7/6/1934 (Deceased 12/12/1935)
Edwin Caban Jr. Co. E 1951-1953 (6th Medical Depot), Bronze Star (Valor) (Deceased)
Victor Caban Roldan SVC CO 1952-1953 (Deceased 2012)
Charles D. Cabaniss Co. C 1951-1952, Bronze Star (Valor), Deceased 6/23/2016
SGT Ismael Calderon (Ret.) WWII & 1952, served for 27 yrs. (Deceased 2007)
CWO-2 Daniel Calderon Ayala (Ret.) Co I 1950-1952, Served 20 yrs.
CPL Aristides Cales Quiros HQ CO 3 BN WWII, Silver Star, Purple Heart (Killed in action 1/4/1945)
Francisco Camacho Ledesma Co. H 8/1950-10/1951, also served in WWII w/Quartermaster Co. 4397, Deceased 11/13/2016
Nicolas Cancel Figueroa Co. C 1951-1953
CSM Asuncion Candelario (Ret.) HQ CO 3 BN 1951-1952, Served 30 yrs.
SSG Hector Capella (Ret.) S-2, 1952-53, served 1944-71 for 22 yrs.
Col. Gilberto Cardenas Lartigue (Ret.) MEDICAL CO 1950-1951, Served 29 yrs., Bronze Star (Meritorious Svc), Purple Heart
Felix Cardona Quiñones Co. B 1952-1954 (Deceased 2018)
Col. Don Carmichael (Ret.) Co. A & Co. B, 8/1952-1953, Served 27 years total, Bronze Star for Meritorious Svce
Juan Carrion Febre Co. F 1952, Purple Heart
LTC Albert E. “Woody” Carsley (Ret.) Co E Commander 1950-1951, Silver Star, Purple Heart (Deceased 1995)
MSG Cruz Cartagena (Ret.) Co. B 9/1950-2/1951, Bronze Star (Valor), Purple Heart
Luz Maria Cartagena Co. G 1953-1954, Purple Heart
SFC Modesto Cartagena (Ret.) WWII & Co. C , 1950-51, Served 20 yrs., Distinguished Service Cross, Silver Star, Bronze Star (Deceased 3/2/2010)
SFC Juan A. Castillo (Ret.) Co. B, 1951; served for 20 yrs. (Deceased 8/6/2014 at age 103)
MSG Emilio Castro Rivera (Ret., USAF) Co. C & HQ HQ CO 1950-1951, Bronze Star (Valor), Purple Heart, served 1950-1974 (6 yrs Army plus Air Force)
Gen. Richard Cavazos (Ret.) Co. E, 1953, Distinguished Svce Cross, Silver Star, Bronze Star, served 33 yrs., first Hispanic 4-star General (Deceased 2017)
Jose Cestero Co. A 1951-1952
Harold Channer Co. C 65th Artillery 1955-1956
SFC Nicolas Chiclana Maldonado (Ret.) Co. B 1950-1951, Bronze Star, Served 1939-61 (Deceased 7/15/1999)