Borinqueneer Photos


CO. A – Company A
HQ HQ CO – Headquarters & Headquarters Co.
HQ CO 1 BN – Headquarters Co. 1st Battalion
HQ CO 2 BN – Headquarters Co. 2nd Battalion
HQ CO 3 BN – Headquarters Co. 3rd Battalion
HVY MORTAR CO – Heavy Mortar Co.
HVY TANK CO – Heavy Tank Co.
MED CO – Medical Company
SVC CO – Service Company
WWII – World War II

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Gonzalo Tapia-Falu Co. I 1951-1952 (Deceased 2019)
LTC Luis A. Tavarez (Ret.) WWII & Korea-Co. K, 2 Bronze Stars (Meritorious Svce & Valor), Purple Heart (Deceased 6/12/2008)
Anibal Tejera Gutierrez Co. G 1951-1952, Purple Heart
SFC Jack Tolbert (Ret.) Co. B 1953, Distinguished Service Cross, Purple Heart (Deceased 2017)
Aristides Tollinchin-Oliver Co. G 1952, Purple Heart (Deceased 2020)
SSG Armando S. Torres (Ret.) HVY WEAPONS CO 1951-1952, served 20 yrs. (Deceased 2015)
SGT Justo J. Torres (Ret.) Co. “C”, 9/1950-1951 half-brother of 65th vet Marcelino Cruz Rodriguez
SGT Felix Torres Burgos (Ret.) Co. F 1950-1951, 2 Purple Hearts, Served 23 yrs, Deceased 11/12/2015
PVT Joaquin Torres Orellana Co. E, Killed in action 3/22/51
SGT Ramon Torres Ramirez (Ret.) WWI, 1899-1929 served 30 yrs, 65th Founding Member. (Deceased) Son Sgt. Ramon Torres Villafañe served in Korean War.
Felipe Torres Rivera Co. K 1951-1954 (Deceased 2016)
SFC Warren Torres Toro (Ret.) Co. G-WWII and HQ HQ CO 1950-1951, served for 31 yrs. (Deceased 2019)
Manuel Torres Vazquez HQ HQ CO WWII (Deceased 2000)
SGT Ramon Torres Villafañe (Ret.) HQ HQ CO-I&R Platoon, 1950-1951, father served in 65th in WWI
Brig.Gen. Orval P. Townshend (Ret.) Regimental Commander, Porto Rico Regiment of Infantry, 12/24/1918 - 3/31/1919; also served from 1900-1915, DSM (Deceased 1934)
Col. John S. Upham, Sr. (Ret.) Temporary Regimental Commander, 1/4/1929 – 2/3/1929, USMA-1903, Distinguished Service Medal (Deceased 1952)
Manuel Valentin Fre Co. F 1950-1951, Purple Heart
Ramon Valentin Mendez Co. A 1941-1945 (Deceased 2019)
Harry Van Zandt Co. F & HQ CO 1 BN 1951-1952; Purple Heart, 2 Bronze Stars (1 for Valor) (Deceased 2011)
SSG Victor M. Vargas (Ret.) Co. B 1951, Purple Heart, served 22 yrs. (Deceased 2008)
PSG Israel Vargas-Vargas HQ CO 1 BN 1951 (Killed in Action 1966 in Vietnam)
SFC Juan Francisco Vazquez WWII & Co. D 1951 (Killed in Action 1968 in Vietnam)
Samuel Vazquez Dessa Tank Bn. 1951-52 (Deceased 2015)
Juan Vazquez Soto Co. L 1952-1953
Enrique Vazquez Vega Co. A 1952, Purple Heart
Wendell Vega Co. I 1950-1952
Pedro L. Vega-Gaston HQ CO 1 BN 1951-1952 (Deceased 2019)
Francisco Vega Melendez Co. A 3/1951-12/1952
Julio Vega Rosario Co. C 1951-1953
Manuel Velazquez-Delgado Co. F 1952-53 (Deceased)
Fernando Velez WWII and Korea (Deceased 2017)
Ramon S. Velez Co. L 1951-53 (Deceased 11/30/08)
SFC Rodolfo Velez Co. C 1952, Purple Heart, Killed in action 4/23/1952
TSgt Raimundo Velez Echegaray (Ret., USAF) Co. K 1951-1952, served 22 yrs.
Jose A. Vientos Velez HVY MORTAR CO 1950-1951 (Deceased 2015)
CAP Mario Villamarzo (Ret.) WWII (Deceased 1/4/2005)
Juan Villanueva Co. E 1952-1953
Luis Enrique Villot Trujillo WWII & Korea-Co. L, brother Narciso Villot served w/65th, (Deceased 9/8/2001)