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August 9, 2007

It is wonderful to see your marvelous harvest after sowing and cultivating the seed of truth — it is a true pleasure to see on Chan. 13 the fruits of the 65th Infantry.Thank you for allowing me to participate with you in a small way.

Janie Medina Bronx, NY
August 5, 2007

This film is so inspirational and I give it five stars! It powerfully captures the glorious history of the 65th Infantry regiment in an exemplary and well researched manner. The interviews of the veterans of the 65th are captivating and emotionally moving. I laughed, I cried, I was angry at the mistreatment and discrimination they experienced, and most of all I felt an immense send of pride of the dedication, service and sacrifices made the veterans of the 65th Infantry Regiment. I was glued to the screen the whole time. This film is an excellent learning tool for teachers and professors who want to teach about the U.S. history and Puerto Rican history. The DVD has over one hour of deleted interviews of the veterans and historians that I thoroughly enjoyed also. I went to the premiere in Newark and Connecticut and it received standing ovations at both premieres. This film is awesome, a historical gem, and a MUST HAVE for your personal library.

William Cruz Eatontown, N
August 4, 2007

My mother immigrated from Isabela P.R. in the 1960’s. Growing up in NYC I learned about my Uncle SFC Donato Roman-Reichards who was awarded the Silver Star Posthumously for his service with the 65th Reg(in Korea). Upon my arrival from Iraq I wanted to chronicle the military service of my family to pass on to my son Antonio. This documentary is a God sent and is long over due. With its production Boriqua soldiers from all wars have their recognition and redemption. Again, Gracias y Dios te bendiga.

Juan Pablo Maryland, USA
August 3, 2007

What an excellent documentary of a story of courage, discipline and pride. Tears run through my face seeing this brave men fighting for a cause, even when they were treated as a second class citizens. Puertorricans have always been proud of their culture their roots, but mostly about their sense of duty with the nation that gave us the USA citizenship. This is a most seen documentary to all Puertorricans living in USA and especially in the island of Puerto Rico. My brothers did not participate at the Second World War but they are veterans of the Vietnam War. I am as proud of them as I am proud to be a Puerto Rican. To the producer, I must say how proud I feel that someone had the courage and sensitivity to recreate the history of these great men who gave everything fighting for democracy. To all veterans Thanks!

Zulma Velez-Estrada Kissimmee, FL
August 3, 2007

I think that this movie was very intresting and amazing. Being a young Puerto Rican girl i learned a lot of the Puerto Rican history and i thank PBS for giving the chance to show this film. I think that ever channel should show this film to teach other kids and adults about the 65th Infantry Regiment in Korea 1950-1954. I also believe that this documentary of this magnitude should be shown for young generations. I was very proud to be present when they honored the four main borinquneers at the end of the show. They can actual part from the film because they were there. Again thank you very much for showing and giving others and me a chance to view this film.

Hanna Vera Hartford, CT 06106
July 29, 2007

Wow!!! I can wait to purchase the DVD and share it with everyone that I can show it to. I am the proud grandson of a WWII veteran and a proud son of a Vietnam Vet. I was born in New Jersey but have always wanted to bridge my Puerto Rican culture with my American roots. The “orgullo” that I have when I see well documented history of our people. I am currently serving in the US Army as a Chaplain Assistant and can not wait to see which one of my kids or nephews/nieces who will carry this legacy of serving this country throught the armed forces.
May God always protect our “isla” and may we never forget the sacrifices of our brave “compadre” who bravely fought and die for the USA. May all Americans remember that there was “boricua” blood spill in WWI, WWII, Korea, Vietnam, Desert Storm, Iraq and Afghanistan.

Juan R. Rodriguez Camden, NJ
July 29, 2007

A must see for all! My father was one of thousands of young Puerto Rican men who fought in the Korean War and like many of them did’nt talk about it. To this day at the age of 83 still says little, the day after seeing the documentary I learned after calling him in PR and discussing what I now know about the Borinqueneers that he told me he part of the 65th Infantry!

Edwin Reyes Chicago, IL
July 19, 2007

Thank you so much for making this emotional documentary and honoring all these brave men. I sat with my 74 year old father, Luciano Arce Diaz, from Aguada, PR. He was a Corporal during the Korean War, in the 65th Infantry, 3rd Division, Company B. He has told me stories about the War although he never talked about it until recently. He lost his childhood friend, Milton Nelson. He witnessed so much as did all the others. I am so proud of him. He told us “A soldier becomes a soldier to serve his country and to die for his country.” He added, “Don’t join the military if the love is not there. Don’t do it for the money or the prestige or for a better future. Do it because you are willing to sacrifice your future for the future of the Patria.” My children watched the program with us. They knew he is a Veteran but they too were impacted by your documentary. To my surprise, my young sons, his grandchildren, who are 9 and 8, stood in front of him, saluted their Papi and hugged him. This is a moment I will carry with me forever. Thank you.

Ivey Arce Wolfe Palm Coast, FL
July 19, 2007

Of the little that I managed to see on PBS, I love how real and sentimental it was. How is it that Puerto Ricans, in spite of problems encountered, no matter how large, can remain close and are able to always make time to sing and to maintain our culture in spite of our sorrows. I am a Son of a Korean Veteran and although he did not fight directly with 65th Infantry, he spent the whole time of service on the front lines. He was honorably discharged and felt great pride for having fought for our Nation. He rarely speaks about what happened there, in spite of the years that have passed, it still affects him and I do not insist speaking of it… In spite of his 4 Bronze Medals and two or three other Medals that he received for his service, my Father is very private about this and I understand why. That’s why I want to buy the Video, for myself. So I could have something to show to my Children and so they could see what the Puerto Ricans such as their Grandfather went through for this Nation that, in spite of the sacrifices of our own, they still treat us badly. Many of the Americans with whom I have spoken do not even know where Puerto Rico is. They have asked me for my green card during employment interviews. It is incredible the extent of the ignorance by people. That’s why I always carry my Flag, whether on a Shirt or whatever. I am very proud to be Puerto Rican and proud of people such as yourself that honor us and educate people with works such as this one…Thanks for remembering those who paid so high a price for what we enjoy today and it is hardly ever mentioned. May God bless you and give you lots of Health so that you can continue with such a noble cause.

Translated from Spanish.

Raul Guzman Orlando,FL
July 19, 2007

We were delighted to learn that your years of dedication and hard work have come to fruition with the impending documentary on the 65th Infantry Regiment to be released this summer. Congratulations. It’s a job well done. We will look forward to watching it on our local PBS station… My father would have been so pleased to see this film come together. We all know how much he revered the 65th and all who served with him in both Puerto Rico and Korea. Combat tests the mettle of all who experience it. My father felt privileged to have been able to be a part of such a dedicated group of soldiers under the crucible of combat. Please extend our warmest wishes to all that were involved in this project. Viva Los Borinqueños!

Daughter of Brig. Gen. William Harris, 65th Regimental Commander.

Lynne Harris Armstrong Honolulu, HI

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