Zaida Melendez-Cabrisa

First of all I want to thank the team of wonderful people that made this Doucumentary possible, Noemi Figueroa Soulet, Raquel Ortiz, Miguel Picker, Patricia Garcia-Rios, Hector Elizondo, David Ortiz Angeleró, and all the others that participated. My dad Juan B. Melendez, (born in Caguas, PR), served in the 65th Infantry in 1950.  He received a Purple Heart when wounded in the Korean War.  I am grateful to God because my dad is still alive and well. My grandfather served in World War I, my youngest brother, my sister-in-law and my nephew have all served in the Marines. I want to thank ALL the Veterans that have served our country and those that are still serving today. My prayers are with all those that have lost a loved one in one of these wars, and with those that still have loved ones actively serving. May God bless you all! Zaida Cabrisa

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