SSG Joe Acevedo

You did a great job with documentary.  I know, I’ve seen it several times. On one occasion while in Iraq, a guy had a copy that practically saved our company. Our PR company was 1/2 Puerto Rican  (the 1013th Engineer Company of the Puerto Rico National Guard) and the other 1/2 from Wisconsin.  We were bumping heads because our loyalty was questioned right there, right then.  That documentary helped peace the mood and until this day we continue to communicate with them.

So, your film is very important. In the past few weeks over the media, I have read about the Congressional Gold Medal for the 65th. That topic was brought up at the unit during one of our conversation along with the topic of Statehood which is a topic today that remains at the forefront for the fight for equality. Several people talked so much trash to me that I did not know what to say or answer, until the idea of viewing the documentary. It was playing on the Armed Forces Network.  I have done here everything possible that a soldier can do but it seems to me that they believe that I will always remain as “that medic from PR” not from the USA. I do not want to trade my heritage or my Caribbean roots, I just want to be remembered by my accomplishments.

I really do thank you for that documentary. My dad was in B Co and C Co of the 65th. SGT Juan G Acevedo, he never speaks about his experiences over there. He will be 90 years next month.

Thank you, again. Hoping to see another documentary contemporary to my service time soon from your company.

SSG Joe Acevedo

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