Ruth Annette Neigut

What a wonderful tribute in the making of this documentary. Just recently I found out that my humble father, Hector Capella was a Borinqueneer and my great-grandfather Francisco Ramirez in the earlier period (1920’s) who was a proud and hard-fighting marine in the island of Puerto Rico.  My father, Hector Capella served in WWII, Korean War and the Vietnam War. He is 88 years old and an active senior citizen. I remember my father was always working and rarely ever taking a day off from his work in the military. I have a brother Luis Capella who is currently serving this country as a soldier for the Air Force and stationed in Panama. Luis recently had a photo taken of himself and my 88 year old father in full uniforms. Luis told my father, “Dad I won’t stop until I am a high-ranking officer”. My father did not get the honors that he deserves and never achieved a high rank in the military perhaps due to the unfortunate “oversight” of commanding officers. But nonetheless, the entire family is proud of my father for risking his life for this great country of ours. To us, he is a hero.