Rosie Santiago

Thank you Noemi for this wonderful movie on our brave and courageous men of my little island of Puerto Rico.

I am a veteran who served during the Vietnam Era, yes my brother is Wilfredo Santiago, the person who commented before me. We are not only proud of that handsome man SSGT RAUL SANTIAGO, but we are proud. Not only did he serve and fight in Korea but he stayed for 20 years serving. I am the oldest of his children. He never spoke about the war, but my aunt told me plenty. My father not only served but he also showed his children the proper way, love your country, protect your land. I am proud to say that SSGT RAUL SANTIAGO’s children were all in the service and had he been alive he would have been proud of his granddaughters, especially the youngest (my daughter) who as a Captain went to do what her grandpa did, serve in Iraq, my brothers did Bosnia, Desert Storm. And Daddy would be proud to know that his two other grandchildren Raul David and Monica are in the Army, Monica just returned from Korea and Raul David is in Korea.
I thank you Noemi Figueroa and your staff. You have given me like my brother Wilfredo said a chance to see SSG RAUL SANTIAGO again, as if he were still with us with his smile and charm and all his medals on his chest.
The 65th did what they had to do “they kicked ass” and as far as the Koreans – they should have known in Puerto Rico they would have warned them “Mono sabe palo que Trepa”. We Won. I love you Papi and I am superproud of you and so are your grandchildrren.

Bendicion, Papi.

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