Raul Guzman

Of the little that I managed to see on PBS, I love how real and sentimental it was. How is it that Puerto Ricans, in spite of problems encountered, no matter how large, can remain close and are able to always make time to sing and to maintain our culture in spite of our sorrows. I am a Son of a Korean Veteran and although he did not fight directly with 65th Infantry, he spent the whole time of service on the front lines. He was honorably discharged and felt great pride for having fought for our Nation. He rarely speaks about what happened there, in spite of the years that have passed, it still affects him and I do not insist speaking of it… In spite of his 4 Bronze Medals and two or three other Medals that he received for his service, my Father is very private about this and I understand why. That’s why I want to buy the Video, for myself. So I could have something to show to my Children and so they could see what the Puerto Ricans such as their Grandfather went through for this Nation that, in spite of the sacrifices of our own, they still treat us badly. Many of the Americans with whom I have spoken do not even know where Puerto Rico is. They have asked me for my green card during employment interviews. It is incredible the extent of the ignorance by people. That’s why I always carry my Flag, whether on a Shirt or whatever. I am very proud to be Puerto Rican and proud of people such as yourself that honor us and educate people with works such as this one…Thanks for remembering those who paid so high a price for what we enjoy today and it is hardly ever mentioned. May God bless you and give you lots of Health so that you can continue with such a noble cause.

Translated from Spanish.

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