Rafael Olmeda

Have not seen the documentary and only heard about it from an article in the NYC newspaper(online). As a child I remember listening to my dad talk about Korea and WWI and how his unit (65th Inf) were all Puertorros and how much injustice was done to them.

I remember how these men after coming back to PR stayed in touch with each other or even when they went to Buchanan to visit the commissary they saw one another and ambrace, they had gone to war together and grown old together,they talked about Korea and how it was. These men have totally been forgotten, many spend 20 years and thought that they were going to retire in an oasis, and what the US govt has done to them is a travesty, these men have totally lost most of their benefits. My dad once he retired lived in PR and the health benefits that the VA had to offer and the amount of time he waited for an appointment is sickening. They are now living in the state with light at the end of the tunnel.

I will be ordering the DVD and sit down with my dad when I visit them on Xmas and watch it together. I like many when they heard their dads talk about Korea, it was like they were making it up, but once I grew up and went to Vietnam and saw the effects of war I knew that my dad was not exagerating. Kudos to you for bringing this subject of the fighting 65th Inf,no doubt that it is such an eye opening.

It is unfortunate that many Puerto Ricans had no idea that there existed an all Puerto Rican regiment known as the 65th Inf regiment. God Bless those men who served proudly and those who gave their the ultimate sacrifice.

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