I’am a Boricua and a veteran of the viet-nam war era. I am of the opinion that even though many Puertoricans feel great pride in the acomplishments of the 65th,there are many issues that are being overlooked in this historical tale. for starters,I believe that it was an inmoral act for the U.S. to send Puertoricans to fight their wars.Puerto Rico did not choose/elect/pleaded/nor ask to be mandated american citizenship it was imposed on us by the congress of the U.S..without the consent of the people. They certainly did not willingly ask to fight americas wars. It was more a necessity than a free choice (go fight or continue to go hungry).they were nothing more than cannon fodder and to this day they havent been properly recognized Even today after having served in the military and having lived here for 46 years I still feel the comptempt that is so obvius to me or any Boricua who is living here.their courage and “patriotism” has been put to question by ignorant americans that dont even know that we are “american citizens” ,Instead of pride i feel a deep sadness and anger for all those Boricuas that served and gave their lives for a country that never cared a damm about them.I know in my heart that americans dont care a damm about my culture my little island my people or the many thousands of Boricuas that have died fighting American wars. No amount of ribbons medals or certicates can extinguish the bitter taste of discrimination and comptent that is part and parcel of this “american reality”.

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