Melissa Cortes-Candia

Greetings! My name is Melissa and I am an adult student currently at SUNY Westchester Community College. While taking a break from my Art History class, I came across a flier for a screening of “The Borninqueneers” that was to be held at WCC. I had not heard of the 65th Infantry prior to seeing this flier and I knew it was something that I absolutely had to see. It was not just a part of U.S. history, it was a part of my history as a Puerto Rican American (Nuyorican), and a part of my culture, one that I was not aware of. I had the pleasure, the privilege, and utmost honor to meet and speak with the filmmaker and two veterans of the 65th Infantry. I could have stayed all night listening to their stories. The documentary was intense, touching, emotional, heartfelt, and proud. It is one of my highest recommendations of films to watch. The 9 years that it took for Noemi Figueroa Soulet to make shows her hard work and efforts. She ventured into the unknown and raised triumphantly. This story needs to be told, the voices of these brave men need to be heard and we are responsible for making it known. I have made a commitment to speak and share about this segregated troop who fought bravely and non-stop, and I am proud to do so. With that stated, I want to simply say thank you!