Marcos A. Rivera

Como decimos en Puerto Rico, esto es lamentoso. Every man in my family, served in the military, from my grandfather Geronimo Colon, served during the 1st world war 1914, my father Antonio Rivera served during the Korean War with the 1st infantry division 1951 to 1955, my uncle Claudio Rivera served in Korea 1959 to 1962, my uncle Rosendo Rivera served as an infantry man during Vietnam 1963 to 1968 and retired after 27 years of service, my youngest brother Luis Rivera retired with 23 years from the Coast Guard, my self Marcos Rivera retired 22 years Air Force and I am still working in the aviation field as an Aviation Safety Inspector. Realistically speaking, discrimination is never going to disappear. In my opinion, just the fact that we were born and raised in Puerto Rico, that excluded us from a lot of the oportunities that are granted to others in North America and no matter how much we try to excel we are always going to be in second place without the proper recognition from the American Government. That is why, based on these issues I always tell my kids to never settle for less and always strive for that first place, even though our chances are a second place. I’d like to thank the people that put together this documentary film, and it’s about time the world can see that Puerto Rico does exist, and that we deserve the recognition as Americans that we are.