Karmine Diaz

I am ashamed that I had never heard of The Borinqueneers. I consider myself a Proud Puerto Rican, maybe it’s my young age of 31 the reason that I have never heard of them. No longer can I say that, this film has opened my eyes and filled them with tears as I watched part of it. I was only able to catch the last part of the film on T.V. So I bought a DVD, I want to share it with my brother who is currently serving in the Army and with my father who is a retired Army Major. I myself also served for the short amount of 3 years.
I was surprised to see how the Puerto Ricans were treated back then, I always wondered how the Island looked like and how the Puerto Ricans were treated back in the 50’s. Now I know. I wasn’t sure if America was also racist towards us. It is sad to see that they were. I enjoyed the Documentary film very much; I hope one day someone makes a film like Spike Lee has recently done, showing us how the blacks also had an important role in the Vietnam War.
I was born in Puerto Rico and like I said I have always been a Proud Puerto Rican, now I am even prouder. This film to me showed me more than just the part that Puerto Ricans played in the Korean War. It also showed me how our cultural hasn’t changed much; we are still a proud bunch of hard working and courage’s people and will always be.
I will also share this story to my fellow Puerto Ricans and anyone else willing to hear. 
I bought the DVD, Calendar and T-Shirt. I AM PROUD OF THE 65th Infantry. \smiley\
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