Judith Morales

This past weekend, November 11th, I was blessed with the opportunity to attend the Associacion Borinquena Veteran’s Dinner in Orlando, FL. I traveled from Boca Raton to take my father,who was a member of the 65th Infantry Division, “C” Company, Retired Sergeant Francisco Riestra. We had the opportunity to watch the documentary together and I was highly impressed by its quality and the intense research that went into making it. Tears were shed by all members of our family as we watched this film. My sincere thanks to Noemi Figueroa Soulet for directing and producing this documentary. I was truly blessed to be able to honor him and the twenty other 65th Infantry Veterans that attended this beautiful ceremony. I was deeply touched when I turned around and saw a man holding a picture of his father, another 65th Infantry hero who did not live long enough to attend this ceremony. I want to especially thank the Borinqueneers Motorcycle Club of CT and Associacion Borinquena for participating and sponsoring this activity. Most of the 65th Infantry living veterans feel they did not receive the proper recognition from the Army and this ceremony really paid tribute to their many sacrifices.

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