Ivey Arce Wolfe

Thank you so much for making this emotional documentary and honoring all these brave men. I sat with my 74 year old father, Luciano Arce Diaz, from Aguada, PR. He was a Corporal during the Korean War, in the 65th Infantry, 3rd Division, Company B. He has told me stories about the War although he never talked about it until recently. He lost his childhood friend, Milton Nelson. He witnessed so much as did all the others. I am so proud of him. He told us “A soldier becomes a soldier to serve his country and to die for his country.” He added, “Don’t join the military if the love is not there. Don’t do it for the money or the prestige or for a better future. Do it because you are willing to sacrifice your future for the future of the Patria.” My children watched the program with us. They knew he is a Veteran but they too were impacted by your documentary. To my surprise, my young sons, his grandchildren, who are 9 and 8, stood in front of him, saluted their Papi and hugged him. This is a moment I will carry with me forever. Thank you.