Fernando Luis Reyes

My name is Fernando Luis Reyes Im a 100% PUERTORICAN and proud of it. In September of 1952, I was inducted into the USARMY. I was shipped to the US for basic training. I was trained as a MEDIC at CAMP PICKETT,VIRGINIA. After basic training, I was transferred to serve with the SIX ARMY in California. I was stationed at an ARMY PRISION called U.S.D.B.or better known as UNITED STATES DICIPLINARY BARRACKS in the small city of LOMPOC, CALIFORNIA. As fate would have it, and in this place, thosands of miles from PUERTO RICO and also from KOREA, I unknowingly played a very small role in the lives of small number of THE 65TH INFANTRY REGIMENT who had been imprissioned there. The number, I dont know how many there were, maybe twenty five or so. It was at the HOSPITAL WING, I fist met __________(name removed), one of THE 65TH INFANTRY PRISIONERS. He was a hospital TRUSTEE And He worked as a courrier within the three story building. He told me he was one of several belonging to the REGIMENT. They had been COURTMARTIALLED and charged AS COWARDS for refusing to fight the enemy. CAN YOU IMAGINE SUCH LIE? PUERTORICANS MAY BE CALLED ANY NAME IN THE BOOK BUT, COWARDS WE ARE NOT. THAT IS LIKE SPITTING A MAN IN THE FACE. Anyway, to make a long story short,________ came to me one day, all excited, jubilant, with a shinning facial expression and said Fernando,all the CHARGES against US have been dropped. We have been reinstated to THE ARMED FORCES, We will get our rank back and we will get ALL our pay retroactively. We will be RELEASED TONIGHT. But they set a number of conditions to our release. WE WILL BY NO MEANS CONTACT THE MEDIA. WE WILL REMAIN WITHIN THE ENLISTED MENS BOUNDERIES. WE WILL NOT CONTACT RELATIVES OR FRIENDS WITH THE NEWS OF OUR RELEASE. Guess what? did they follow the rules? HELL NO—-ALL HELL BROKE LOOSE. THE NOW FREE MEMBERS OF THE 65TH INFANTRY REGIMENT, HEADED FOR THE SMALL TOWN OF LOMPOC AND PAINTED IT RED AND I MEAN RED. Next day they were bussed to LAX where the SUPER HAPPY MEN boarded a plane for PUERTO RICO to start new lives. By the way,________, I PRAY YOU ARE WELL. UN FUERTE ABRAZO DE MI PARTE, Fernando, elyunketrail@yahoo.com

We have removed the name listed in this message to protect the Puerto Rican soldier’s privacy. Many of the court martialed soldiers have never revealed what happened to them – even to their own family. Names are only revealed by El Pozo Productions once permission has been granted to do so. We thank you for your entry and for sharing this wonderful story!

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