Danisha M. Nazario

I saw this documentary yesterday evening (08/19/07). I happened to come across it flipping through programs. I’m glad I did. I had never known OR heard anything about a Puerto Rican infantry…us, the younger generation, are losing our Puerto Rican history and culture very quickly to “westernization”.

I never got the chance to meet my grandfather or get to know much about him. All I knew was that he fought in the Korean War and so of course the program caught my attention. I was hypnotized by this program, I also found myself paying COMPLETE attention to the live footage shown almost hoping to get a glance of my grandfather alive.

My curiosity was definitely peaked and first thing this morning I gave a call to my father in Florida. I asked him which infantry was grandpa in….hairs ALL over my body STOOD ON END as he replied the 65th without hesitation.

My father hasn’t seen or heard of this program. I will definitely get a copy of it for him. This program has helped in some small way to give an explanation of why are family has turned out the way that it did.

THANK YOU, with deepest gratitude, to those who took part in putting this OUTSTANDIN and MOST IMPORTANT documentary together.

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