Betty Nieves-llyas

Hello. First I would like to say that the documentary is spectacular, thought provoking, and heart warming. Thank you for this gem. I am a writer for El Boricua, an online publication. This coming month the magazine honors Puerto Rican soldiers. I remembered my uncle who lives in Rio Grande, Puerto Rico had been a soldier. I was pretty sure it was Korea. I decided I would contact him and write about his soldier years. In my investigation I discovered that he may very well have been a Borinqueneer. The story took a bitter sweet turn when I was informed that my uncle is now very ill and unable to recall or recognize. Fortune has it that his brother, my other uncle who also resides in Rio Grande,is now his voice. He is telling me the story, an incredible one, about my possibly Borinqueneer uncle. He remembers he fought with the 65th! I found a picture on the site that holds a great likeness to my uncle. It has no name on it. I am continuing my research but am a little overwhelmed as to which way to go. My uncle was badly wounded and spent sometime in a prisoner of war camp, where he managed to escape. He then had a long spell in a hospital in Texas recovering from severe injuries. If anyone has any suggestions how I may continue to piece the story together, I would appreciate it. I am not even sure if he received the Purple Heart.Any suggestions on what organizations I may contact would be helpful. His name is Juan Nieves. Thank you.

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